Guide to architectural styles - what window for loft interiors?

blog | 14.08.2023

Loft interiors, with their distinctive industrial design features, are becoming increasingly popular these days. Raw, open spaces, large windows, a ceiling with visible beams - these are just some of the elements that attract lovers of this style. However, choosing the right windows for such an interior can be a challenge. In this article, we take a look at which windows are best suited to loft arrangements.

Windows for loft interiors - Panoramic windows

A characteristic feature of lofts are large, spacious windows that let in plenty of natural light. Panoramic windows are ideal for this type of arrangement, as they make maximum use of the available space and emphasise the raw, industrial character of the interior.

Panoramic windows are not only a functional architectural element, but also a spectacular way to transform the space of a loft interior. They allow powerful amounts of natural light into the interior, giving it a unique atmosphere and seeming to blur the boundaries between inside and outside.

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The panoramic windows typical of loft interiors not only provide excellent light, but also emphasise the minimalist and industrial character of this type of arrangement. They make it possible to admire beautiful views without obstruction and are particularly effective if the loft is located on the upper floors of the building.

In addition, the large size of the windows makes the space appear more spacious and raw design elements, such as brick walls or beams on the ceiling, become even more prominent.

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Windows for the loft interior - sliding windows

Sliding windows are another unique solution that fits perfectly with the characteristic style of loft interiors. Their advantages not only enrich the aesthetics of the space, but also make the use of the interior more comfortable and functional.

Loft interiors are characterised by a raw, industrial look, which often includes high ceilings and large spaces. Sliding windows work perfectly with such arrangements, as they save valuable space that traditional sash windows can take up when opening.

Sliding windows are also a great way to let in large amounts of natural light. They give the loft a new lease of life and make the raw design elements more distinctive and attractive. When the windows are open, the boundaries between inside and outside blend together, creating a feeling of unity with nature.

In addition to their aesthetic value, sliding windows are highly practical. Their ease of use and choice of opening direction make them a perfect solution for many different loft interior configurations.

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Windows for the loft interior – muntins

Loft interiors, with their distinctive raw style, are associated with minimalist and industrial design. Increasingly, however, designers are introducing elements with a classic charm to these spaces, which add a unique character to the interiors. Windows with muntins are one such element that harmonise perfectly with loft interiors.

Muntins, or divisions into small segments in windows, were popular in traditional architecture, especially in wooden windows. Today, they can be found in modern windows, which have been combined with the advantages of contemporary technology. Introducing muntins into a loft interior gives it a unique, historical touch while retaining its modern character.

Windows with muntins blend perfectly with brick walls, concrete elements and exposed beams, typical of loft arrangements. They create a harmonious contrast which attracts attention and adds a personal touch to the interior.

It is worth noting that muntins not only give windows an interesting appearance, but also allow the window to be divided into smaller areas. This, in turn, can influence the organisation of the interior space and the introduction of various configurations.

loft office
Windows with muntins in a loft-style office

Loft interiors - window colours

Loft interiors are characterised by a raw, industrial style that attracts the attention of many lovers of modern architecture. The colour of the windows plays a key role in emphasising the character of this type of interior, allowing a unique effect to be created.

Many interior designers strongly recommend bold contrasts when it comes to window colour in loft interiors. Black or dark windows go well with austere design elements such as brick walls, exposed beams or a sheet metal ceiling. This colour choice gives the interior a distinctive, modern look, emphasising its industrial character.

Of course, window colours depend on individual preferences and the style you want to achieve. However, when it comes to loft interiors, consider less traditional options such as anthracite, graphite or even intense black. These colours work well with minimalist design and add character.

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For those who prefer lighter interiors, white or light grey windows are a great choice. They will preserve the raw, industrial character of the loft while giving it a slightly more light and subtle look. In this case, it's also worth thinking about longer curtains to further accentuate the height of the windows and the interior.

Choosing the right windows for a loft interior is an important part of its arrangement. Panoramic, sliding and even fixed windows are just some of the options to consider. The key is to focus on preserving the characteristic features of the industrial design, while ensuring adequate light and comfort in the daily use of the loft interior.

Be inspired by the loft possibilities and choose windows that highlight the unique style of your interior! Get in touch with our specialist!


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