Insect screen accessories

Insect screen accessories

Insect screen accessories

Fixed frame insect screen corners It is simply a corner fastener placed in the frame insect screen with profile "S" and profile "MR". It provides an aesthetically...

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Insect screen accessories

Insect screen accessories are usually products that are not included in the standard insect screen equipment, but which can be added to it. This can include: corners, aluminium hinges, door closers, handles or magnetic strips. Often you have to pay a little extra for additional accessories.

Frame fly screen accessories


Corners are corner fasteners inserted into the profiles of the "S" and "MR" frame insect screens. They give visual attractiveness to the insect screen and add stability to the whole structure. Aikon Distribution offers external corners made of PVC and internal corners made of aluminium. The latter are an option at extra cost.

Swivel brackets

A frame insect screen can be fitted with an additional set of swivel brackets. These are fasteners made of stainless steel used to fix the insect screen frame to the window frame. Thanks to them, the insect screen can be quickly and easily mounted and removed during the winter.

Door insect screen accessories

The door insect screen can also be equipped with additional accessories, and these include:

- aluminium hinges - these are additional hinges that are very durable

- door closers - automatically close the open insect screen. 

Accessories for roll-up insect screens


In roll-up, sliding and pleated insect screens there are additionally mounted PVC handles or knobs available in standard colours.

Retractor for roll-up insect screens

We can equip a roll-up insect screen with an additional retarder, which gives the possibility of smooth winding of the screen in the cassette without damaging it. However, this option is available at an additional cost.

The double roll-up insect screen, on the other hand, is additionally equipped with a magnetic tape and a bolt, thanks to which the screens of two insect screens tightly adhere to each other after being rolled up.

Fly screen spare parts - aluminium mesh

Aluminium mesh, like those made of fibreglass, are durable and do not restrict visibility. They are recommended for houses with cats, as they are impact-resistant. They will also not be damaged by harsh weather conditions. However, they have limited widths and are available in the case of door insect screens, sliding insect screens and in some frame insect screen profiles.

Painting the insect screens

Insect screen frames have their standard colours, i.e. white, brown, anthracite and basalt grey. However, they can be painted in any colour chosen from the RAL palette or in a timber-like veneer palette. However, if you decide on an individual colour, painting will be at extra charge for you. The insect screen, on the other hand, can be made in grey or black.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the insect screens in our range - please contact our salesman. He will help you choose the right insect protection for your windows and doors.


Insect screen accessories