Rectangular windows

The rectangular window is the most popular window type, which finds its use in many houses and flats. Thanks to their versatility, rectangular windows are ideal for those looking for a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to let light into their interior. In this article, we take a look at the benefits of installing rectangular windows in your home.

Why opt for a rectangular window?

A rectangular window, as the name suggests, is rectangular in shape. It is the most popular type of window and offers many advantages, which include:

Multi-functionality: the rectangular window is a versatile solution that fits a variety of architectural styles, from traditional to modern. Its simple form makes it easy to fit into a variety of interiors.

Easily customisable: Due to the simplicity of their shape, rectangular windows are easily customisable to different sizes and proportions, even up to XXL sizes, making them practical for different room layouts.

Large light area: a rectangular window, especially in a double-hung version (e.g. a window or sliding door), allows for effective interior lighting. This makes the rooms brighter and more open, and is beneficial for the health and well-being of the occupants.

Good thermal insulation: the rectangular window, due to its simple form, provides good thermal insulation. This means that you can enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home all year round, while saving on energy costs.

Ease of installation and maintenance: Rectangular windows are generally easy to install, making the process of building or upgrading your home easier. In addition, their simple shape makes them relatively easy to clean.

Availability of venetian blinds and roller shutters: Due to the ubiquity of rectangular windows, it is easy to find a variety of external Venetian blinds and shutters options that fit this shape, giving homeowners a wide range of decorative options.

okno prostokątneRectangular window in the form of sliding terrace doors

Check out our external Venetian blinds and roller shutters that fit perfectly with rectangular windows:

Exterior roller shutters for rectangular window

External Venetian blinds for rectangular window

Choosing a rectangular window for your home

If you have decided on a rectangular window for your home, match it to your individual needs and preferences. Keep in mind a few important considerations, such as the material of the rectangular window, the airtightness of the window, the means of opening it and the appropriate fittings and security features.

1.  Window material
Rectangular windows are available in a variety of materials such as timber, uPVC or aluminium. Each of these materials has its own unique features and benefits. Timber is popular for its natural beauty and durability, uPVC is easy to maintain and weatherproof and aluminium is lightweight and corrosion resistant.

2.  Thermal and acoustic insulation
An important factor when choosing a rectangular window is its ability to provide good thermal and acoustic insulation. Make sure you choose a window with the right insulation performance to allow you to enjoy comfort in your home without unnecessary energy and noise loss.

3.  Opening style
A rectangular window can be a non-opening fix type window. It can also be a single or double-hung sliding window, a tilt or tilt-and-turn window. Consider which way of opening the window will work best in your home.

4.  Fittings and security features
It's also worth considering the type of hardware and security features that are available for rectangular windows. A good choice would be circumferential hardware, i.e. hardware arranged inside the frame around the perimeter of the sash. These include hinges, handles, locks, valves or other components that allow the window to be opened, closed, locked and adjusted. Perimeter fittings are an important component, affecting the tightness, functionality, durability and convenience of the windows. They also provide good anti-burglary protection.

Why opt for rectangular windows in the kitchen?

A rectangular window is an excellent choice for any room, including the kitchen. First of all, rectangular windows let a lot of daylight into the interior, which is extremely important in the kitchen, where we often spend time cooking and preparing meals. This allows us to save on electricity, as we do not have to use artificial lighting for most of the day.

Rectangular double-hung windows are particularly popular in kitchens. They can be opened inwards and do not take up much space, which is very important in rooms where space is often limited. In addition, open windows allow air to flow freely, which can be extremely pleasant when cooking.

okno prostokątneRectangular windows in the modern kitchen

Advantages of a rectangular window

As you can see, rectangular windows offer many advantages, such as multifunctionality, space saving and a large light area. When choosing a rectangular window for your home, you have the opportunity to tailor it to your individual needs and preferences, taking into account the material, insulation, method of opening as well as the fittings and security features.

Take care of your interiors by letting more light into your home with rectangular windows! Consult your project or ask a question about rectangular windows by contacting us. We are at your service!


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