Roller Shuters

Integrated roller shutters

Integrated roller shutters are the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates comfort. What's more, they are a great finishing touch that adds a contemporary element to a building. It is...

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Surface-mounted roller shutters

Surface-mounted external roller shutters are a solution that is perfect for both modern and traditional homes. The system is mounted on the façade of the building or in a window recess....

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At-window-head mounted roller shutters

At-window-head mounted roller shutters are an aesthetically pleasing and modern solution for new builds. They have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, provide very good thermal and acoustic...

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Lintel roller shutters

Due to their undeniable remarkable qualities, roller shutters have become the most popular window coverings, especially in residential buildings. In many European countries, they are a...

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Roller shutters controls

Installing roller shutters in your premises has many advantages. These include strengthening anti-burglary protection, ensuring privacy, protecting against excessive heat and improving the...

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Roller shutters accessories

Roller shutters are a household accessory that we use practically every day. Their construction is not complicated - they usually consist of a few basic components. Their additional ruller...

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Roller Shuters

Roller shutters are protective covers that are increasingly used in single-family homes as well as in flats or public spaces such as shops. They consist of an aluminium or plastic roller shade, which can be rolled up into a metal box by means of a manual or electric motor retractor. Roller shutters can be adapted to the size of your windows or doors to provide maximum protection against the cold, excessive heat and noise. The choice of multiple roller shutter components offers the opportunity to create not only an effective made-to-measure product, but also one that is tailored in every respect to the customer's requirements and preferences.

Roller shutters - types

Integrated roller shutters

Integrated roller-shutters are a versatile and, thanks to the simple installation, one of the most frequently selected systems. It is a system applicable both at the construction stage and to buildings already finished or undergoing renovation (e.g. window replacement). Thanks to the possibility of mounting directly on the building façade, the system does not require any interference with the structure and installation of the window, thus the level of thermal insulation is not altered.

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Integrated roller-shutter

Surface mounted roller-shutters

Surface mounted roller shutters are intended mainly for use in existing buildings. The advantage of these products is that they do not interfere with the current state of the building, as they do not require any special preparations for installation and are not integrated with the window. As a result, the decision to install surface-mounted roller shutters can be made at any time. These solutions can be mounted to the window frames (in the recess) or directly on the wall.

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At-window-head mounted roller shutters

At-window-head mounted roller shutters are a very high quality product created with the most demanding customers in mind. They look extremely aesthetically pleasing and solid. They can be used during construction, when modernising the building (before thermal insulation) or when replacing the windows. However, they require recesses to be prepared in the lintel for the roller blind cassette.

You can find out more about At-window-head mounted roller shutters here:

At-window-head mounted roller shutters

Lintel roller-shutters

The lintel roller system is intended for use in newly erected buildings. Thanks to the use of the so-called hard polystyrene in the box structure, the lintel roller-shutters are characterised by very good thermal insulation.

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Roller shutter - Advantages

Regardless of the version you choose, roller shutters offer a number of advantages. Below, we present the most important ones.

Protection against excessive solar radiation

This is the main and probably the most important advantage. Everyone likes to have light and sunshine in their home. However, when summer and hot weather arrive, we look for a bit of space where we can find the desired shade. The sunlight coming through the windows also makes it very difficult to work at the computer or watch TV. The installation of Roller shutters will make these activities much more pleasant.

Possibility to use anti-burglary roller-shutters

One of the most important advantages of Roller shutters is that they can be fitted with anti-burglary properties. Burglar-proof roller-shutters are a special type of roller-shutter, which are much more robust, made of durable materials and equipped with an appropriate structure which provides protection against burglary.

Room darkening

Roller shutters will prove useful not only as protection from the sun, but also from any other light entering the house or flat. They provide excellent room darkening, thereby improving the quality of sleep, for example.

Maintaining the optimum room temperature

Roller shutters help to maintain the right temperature. In summer, your home will be protected from hot air and in winter from cold air.

Saving money

As we mentioned earlier, proper insulation guarantees a constant optimum temperature indoors. Consequently, the house will not cool down too quickly and you will not have to pay higher heating bills during the winter season and electricity bills resulting from the use of the air conditioner during the summer season.

Reducing the amount of noise coming inside

Roller shutters also provide acoustic protection. This is excellent for people who live near busy streets or in city centres.

Providing privacy

Roller shutters offer a feeling of privacy. When you pull up the roller shutters, you can increase the level of privacy in your home or flat. This is especially important for windows that are right next to the pavement; none of us likes to be watched by our neighbours. With the help of solid roller shutters, visibility can be effectively reduced, so that random passers-by are prevented from seeing into our home.

A modern look for your home

Roller shutters are ideal for installation in any home, regardless of the style of construction. They provide your home with a fashionable and modern look.

Roller shutters - mechanism of operation

Roller shutters operate in a relatively uncomplicated manner, which is due to their simple construction. They are made of integrated, horizontally positioned and interconnected profiles which form the so-called armouring. It is the casings that provide the window with the proper protection. The casing moves in special guides, i.e. metal strips mounted vertically on both sides of the window recess. The casing of the entire mechanism is a box, which contains the mechanism for raising and lowering the slats.

Controlling Roller shutters

The control of roller shutters is either manual or automatic. The former method means lower cost, while the use itself is not very practical. You have the choice between a belt, rope or crank drive, but an automatic mechanism is definitely more convenient. This is above all convenient, as the roller blinds can be raised or lowered from anywhere in the room.

Additional automatic external shutters can be connected to a control panel and operated from a computer or phone.

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Roller shutters are most often installed in modern buildings, although they can be installed on any type of window in both finished and renovated buildings. They provide protection from the sun, noise and pollution. By choosing burglar-proof Roller shutters, you can further increase the protection of your home against uninvited guests.

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