Clear offers and samples of our products

For window installers, getting clear quotations and learning about samples of the products on offer is crucial when choosing a new window joinery supplier. Transparent offers and the opportunity to assess the quality of windows, doors and accessories before they are purchased are, in our opinion, the foundation for fruitful cooperation and building relationships based on trust. Find out why cooperation with Aikon Distribution - one of the largest suppliers of joinery in Europe - is a guarantee of satisfaction, both for installers and their customers.

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Clear quotations - the key to effective cooperation

At Aikon Distribution, we fully understand the importance of clarity of information in the woodwork industry. Our clear offers are structured to ensure full transparency and understanding of every aspect of cooperation. Each product is described in detail, and prices and terms of cooperation are presented simply and directly. In addition, our dedicated sales consultants are always ready to provide detailed explanations and help select the best solutions for a given project.

For the installer, such clarity of offers translates into a number of benefits. First of all, it saves time and streamlines the process of planning work on site. The ability to quickly access all the necessary information about the ordered windows or doors, without any ambiguity, is invaluable in our opinion.

You can read more about clear quotations from Aikon Distribution here:

OUR ADVANTAGES - Clear offers

Product samples - your advantage in the industry

Equally important to our partnership is the ability to access product samples. Aikon Distribution offers installers the opportunity to order a so-called Aikon Box. This is a box with samples of our products. Inside are triangles of window profiles, color samples, handles, "decor" glass, catalogs and flyers. You can fully personalize the Aikon Box and order exactly the products you are interested in.

Ordering an Aikon Box at the beginning of your cooperation with us will give you the opportunity to test our products and directly assess their quality and functionality.

Check out our Aikon Box:

Aikon Box

aikon boxProduct samples in the Aikon Box

Support for assemblers

In addition to the clear quotations and samples of our products you'll find in the Aikon Box, we also offer access to free online catalogs, brochures and product photos. You will also receive from us full technical documentation of the product in question. Our sales consultants are ready to offer solutions perfectly suited to the needs of any project, guaranteeing satisfaction and high quality manufacturing.

Installer, start cooperation with us!

Installer! If you're looking for the perfect windows and doors (PVC, aluminum or wood), sliding systems or exterior shades to satisfy your customers, you need look no further. Our clear offers are a guarantee that you won't miss anything and you'll have everything you need at your fingertips. Take advantage of the opportunity to order samples of our products (Aikon Box) to see for yourself their high quality. Send us an inquiry. We guarantee a clear quotation in 48 hours. Start cooperation with us and also benefit from access to the expertise of our sales consultants.

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