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Aikon Distribution as a Partner for Your Success

In today's dynamic business world, collaboration between manufacturers, distributors and fitters is a key element of success. Aikon Distribution is acutely aware of the role that window & door fitters play in providing a comprehensive service to customers. Although we do not offer installation services ourselves, we are committed to working with professionals, providing support and the necessary information.


Information Support For Window & Door Fitters

One of the pillars of Aikon Distribution's cooperation with joinery assembly workers is full information support. The company actively provides all the necessary technical information on the products offered. Technical documents, installation instructions and warranty cards are made available to fitters, enabling them to carry out installation work in a professional and compliant manner. This enables fitters to provide the highest level of service, which translates into customer satisfaction.

Providing the Best Quality Products for Window & Door Installers

As an experienced distributor, Aikon Distribution specialises in offering the highest quality products. The company works with renowned manufacturers, providing joinery assembly workers with products that meet the highest standards - at Aikon Distribution you can buy brands such as Schuco, Aluplast, Veka, Salamander, Aliplast and Wiśniowski. This gives installers the confidence that the services they offer are based on robust and durable materials, which translates into customer satisfaction and strengthens their own position in the market.


Manufacturing windows in Poland - the best quality and prices

Professionalism and Punctuality

Aikon Distribution places great emphasis on professionalism and punctuality in its cooperation with installers. Order processing is carried out efficiently and the company makes every effort to ensure that deliveries are always in line with the agreed deadlines. This approach allows the fitters to plan their work with a high degree of precision and to focus on the efficient execution of the assigned tasks.

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Joinery Assembly Workers - Work with Experts!

We invite you to work with Aikon Distribution. As an experienced distributor of the best woodwork brands, we offer comprehensive support and access to the highest quality products. Together with window & door installers we can build lasting business relationships based on mutual trust and professionalism.

Aikon Distribution is a partner that supports the growth and success of its associates. Join us and together let's create unique projects that satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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