Rehau is a global manufacturer of polymer systems, offering solutions for windows, doors, facades, underfloor heating systems, as well as many other products. The company was founded in 1948 by Helmut Wagner in Rehau, Germany. Sustained growth and constant investment in technology development have meant that the Rehau Group now has 54 locations worldwide and is steadily expanding its area of operation.

In Poland, Rehau employs more than 600 people at four locations: in Baranowo near Poznań (Rehau Sp. z o.o. headquarters), in Nochowo near Śrem (production plant and logistics centre), in Gliwice (design centre) and in Poznań (shared services centre).

The latest generation of Rehau windows and doors systems

Aikon Distribution offers windows, entrance doors and lift-and-slide doors based on PVC profiles from Rehau. Joinery from Rehau is the perfect choice for those looking for high-quality, energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing windows and doors. With innovative solutions and robust construction, Rehau systems provide comfort, security and energy savings.

Rehau Geneo windows and doors

Products in the Rehau Geneo range are made from the innovative composite material RAU-FIPRO X, combining the durability and lightness of glass fibre with the insulating properties of polymers. This makes Rehau Geneo windows and doors exceptionally strong and thermally insulating. This is confirmed by the certificate received from the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany. The systems can therefore be used without hesitation in passive construction.

Rehau GENEO windows are systems with a profile depth of 86 mm. It is possible to order a single or double chamber glazing package. Geneo windows are characterised by an attractive design and a wide choice of shapes, colours and patterns, allowing them to be adapted to any architectural style.

The Rehau Geneo series also includes lift-and-slide doors. Thanks to this system's deep profile (203 mm), thermally insulated thresholds, high-quality double-glazing and innovative seals, these doors effectively protect against the cold from outside.

Rehau GENEO front doors are also a very warm system with an installation depth of 86 mm. Rehau Geneo doors achieve a heat transfer coefficient Ud of up to 0.51 W/m2K. And this is all thanks to the additional fitting of thermo insulating inserts in the construction and the use of door panels up to 53 mm thick.



Rehau Brillant-Design windows and doors

Another noteworthy product range from Rehau is the Rehau Brillant-Design series. It is distinguished not only by its excellent workmanship (High Definition Finishing), but also by its modern design.

Rehau Brillant-Design windows and doors are made of durable and resistant PVC, ensuring a long service life and ease of maintenance. The windows are 70mm and 80mm profile systems. They are ideal for thermal modernisation projects in buildings. On the other hand, the front doors of the Rehau Brillant-Design series, with an installation depth of 70 mm, are equipped with the latest generation of burglary protection and steel reinforcements.

Both Rehau Brillant-Design windows and doors have energy-efficient glazing and insulate interiors perfectly against cold penetration. They are available in a variety of colours and designs to suit individual preferences and needs.



Rehau Euro-Design windows

The final product range from Rehau is the Rehau Euro-Design range of windows. These windows are a reliable choice for both residential and commercial buildings. They combine energy efficiency, security and stylish design, making them a popular choice for those looking for high quality window solutions. They are available in 70mm and 86mm Plus profile depths. The popular 70 mm profile is distinguished by its narrow design, allowing more space for the glass and therefore more light to enter the room. Rehau Euro-Design windows provide ideal protection against adverse weather conditions and noise.




REHAU is a company that actively cares for the environment by continuously optimising the use of resources and the energy efficiency of its production facilities worldwide. Window profiles incorporating the EcoPlus mark contain between 40% and 75% recycled material, and the premium quality offered by Rehau guarantees maximum window life, thus using less raw materials in production.

Find out more about the Rehau systems available from Aikon Distribution in our window and door catalogue.

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