Aluminium doors

Aluminium doors

Choosing the right door, especially an external door, is a guarantee of optimum convenience and functionality. Exterior doors are also the main security element of the entrance to the building. So which door should you choose?

Aluminium doors are a very good solution. They are characterised by high durability and resistance to various types of damage, do not deform, and are considered to be very secure doors.

Aliplast aluminium doors

The first feature in our assessment of a door is always appearance. Although, in fact, their durability, thermal insulation factor and burglary resistance are more important. However, both interior and exterior doors should also be something special because of their appearance. They should match the style of the house and emphasise the good taste of the owners.

So let's start with this door's appearance. Visually, Aliplast aluminium doors meet the highest demands: the selection includes several profiles to choose from, they can be painted in any RAL colour and various accessories can be matched. Aliplast offers a wide range of doors that can be perfectly matched to the architectural style of any house. The manufacturer provides a wide range of designs and colours.

The greatest advantage of aluminium doors, however, is their high durability. This type of metal does not corrode, is not susceptible to deformation as a result of thermal changes (high or low temperature) and, in addition, effectively resists burglars (after using high-quality locks and hardware). Aliplast doors also offer solutions ideally suited to the needs of an energy-efficient or even passive house. It is already possible to find doors on the market with a heat transfer coefficient of Uf = 1.0 W/(m2*K) (in Aliplast STAR doors, among others) or even below this value. This requires a sufficiently thick layer of insulation in both the door leaf itself and the door frame. In the case of doors with glazing, however, so-called warm packages are used.

Aliplast doors at Aikon Distribution

Various profiles of Aliplast aluminium doors are available at Aikon Distribution:

Aliplast Door Econoline - is a cold profile without thermal insulation. It allows for the construction of light, durable and functional buildings, including external partitions consisting of glazed fixed elements.

See profile:

Aliplast Econoline doors

Aliplast Door Imperial - on the other hand, is a warm profile with a thermal break. It can be used in all types of shop windows and doors opening both outwards and inwards, as well as single- or double-leaf doors.

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Aliplast Imperial doors

Aliplast Door Superial - is a profile with increased thermal insulation, which also features high acoustic insulation. It is designed for use in display windows and doors that open inwards.

Check out the profile details:

Aliplast Superial doors

Aluplast Door Star - is a warm profile with significantly increased thermal insulation. It exhibits excellent rigidity and statics, making it possible to create large-scale structures. It also has very good acoustic insulation parameters.

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Aliplast Star doors

Aliplast doors - care

Aliplast aluminium doors are characterised by very high strength, but like any material they also require care and attention to their external appearance. Thanks to the natural anti-corrosion coating which aluminium has, doors made of this material are very well protected against the harmful effects of the environment. They therefore require little maintenance. Wiping off dust and removing more serious dirt with a damp cloth made of soft material should be enough to keep the door in good condition.

The frequency of cleaning aluminium doors also depends on their location. In an environment characterised by the constant presence of harmful agents, e.g. exhaust fumes or pollutants, as well as moisture, the doors require more frequent protection and maintenance - usually four times a year.

How often care and maintenance should be carried out also depends on the type of operation. It is much more common to carry out such maintenance in commercial properties than in single-family homes.

Aliplast door hardware and moving parts

If we want our Aliplast doors to function correctly in their entirety, we must also take care of their hardware and moving parts. For them to function properly, it is important to remember to lubricate them regularly. The best preparations for maintenance will be products with lubricating properties, which do not contain acids in their composition, e.g. adhesion grease with Teflon or another with the same parameters.

Aliplast aluminium doors are a very good choice. They will meet the highest expectations of the most demanding customers in terms of safety, thermal insulation and design.

Importantly, Aliplast doors are customised to the needs of each customer, who can specify their size, shape, colour and accessories. In addition, a wealth of solutions makes it possible to create doors of large dimensions.

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