Salamander is Europe's leading system provider of energy-efficient and stylish PVC window and door profiles. It is a German family-owned company that has been supplying innovative but proven products tailored to the needs of its customers for more than 50 years. It consistently builds on its track record and implements its concepts: extensive know-how, a far-sighted view of company management and the courage to implement innovative ideas. It relies on competent employees who use their potential and push their own boundaries.

Salamander Company- Windows & Door Systems 

Salamander Windows & Door Systems S.A. is part of the German Salamander Industrie Produkte Group and, as its largest production site, is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of certain product lines (bluEvolution82 brand profiles or innovative sliding door systems). Salamander Windows & Door Systems S.A. has been operating on the Polish market for more than 26 years and is based in Włocławek. The Salamander Company is constantly developing and recording sales increases. This in turn goes hand in hand with opening up to other markets, including Brazil and the Asian countries. 

Salamander window and door profiles

Salamander offers three high-quality PVC profile systems for windows: bluEvolution, Brügmann and Salamander. Salamander windows and doors are characterised by excellent technical parameters, enabling the construction of joinery for various purposes.

Areas of application: casement windows, tilt and tilt/turn windows, patio windows, balcony windows, pivot windows, entrance doors, tilt/slide and lift/slide patio doors and folding doors.

The following Salamander window profiles are available at Aikon Distribution: Salamander Streamline 76, Salamander Streamline 76 Renovation, Salamander SL 76 Renovation 60, Salamander Bluevolution 82 and Salamander Bluevolution 92.

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Salamander PVC system

Salamander PVC windows and doors are solutions which have been enjoying unwavering popularity among customers looking for good quality at a reasonable price for years. A great advantage of this type of joinery is also its versatility - PVC windows and doors fit well in both modern designs and more traditional solutions.

PVC windows and doors by Salamander, available at Aikon Distribution, guarantee that the most important parameters, such as thermal insulation (heat transfer coefficients for almost all series are much better than the minimum required by building law) or acoustic insulation are maintained at the appropriate level. The solutions used in plastic windows also make it possible to provide the home with a high level of security.

Salamander Company- windows and doors catalogue

Salamander PVC windows and doors catalogue contains all available window and door profiles along with their parameters and technical drawings and diagrams. It is a large dose of knowledge useful not only to professionals, but also to individual customers who are faced with the choice of windows for their home.

The catalogue of windows and doors containing Salamander profiles is available for download on our website:


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