Panoramic windows

In modern construction, panoramic windows are a very popular type of windows. Thanks to them, a lot of light enters the interior and the body of the building appears more interesting and brighter. They also reduce the consumption of artificial light and thus energy costs thanks to the good illumination of the room. These are just some of the benefits of installing windows creating a panorama in a house. What are the other benefits of a panoramic window? We will find out!

Panoramic windows- a modern solution

Windows for creating a panorama have become one of the most fashionable types of glazing in recent times. As we have already said, they allow more light to enter the room than standard windows, and one of the benefits is an improved sense of wellbeing in the early hours of the day.

Panoramic windows are installed not only in single-family homes or in modern office buildings, but also in multi-family homes. They are usually installed on the sunny side of the building, where the exit to the garden, terrace or balcony is usually planned. Which window can be called a panoramic window? This usually depends on the dimensions of the window.

Tilt and turn panoramic windows

Tilt&turn panoramic windows tilt are a standard to allow ventilation of the room. Once the brake is applied, they can be left open in any position without fear of spontaneous closure or even damage to the pane in a strong gust of wind. There is a choice of windows with two or more sashes and with a fixed or movable centre mullion. In this type of window, a single sash is a maximum of 1,400 mm wide and 2500 mm high.*

*All orders are carried out by Aikon Distribution individually. The final heights and widths of windows and doors depend on the systems and materials selected by the customer.

Lift and slide panoramic windows

Another great option for large glazed areas are panoramic windows or lift and slide patio doors. This solution allows for exceptional space saving and free arrangement of space in the house. Despite their large size, sliding doors offer exceptional durability, strength and security. Panoramic lift and slide windows range from 2000mm to 6000mm in width and 1500mm to 2600mm in height.*

*All orders are carried out by Aikon Distribution individually. The final heights and widths of windows and doors depend on the systems and materials selected by the customer.

Materials for panoramic windows

Thanks to modern technology and the use of high quality materials, windows creating a panorama can be made of aluminium as well as wood or PVC.

However, aluminium is usually used for very large glazings due to its characteristics (durability, strength, but also lightness and plasticity).

Take a look at our range of aluminium windows:

aluminium windows

The cost of panoramic windows

Depending on the size, type of glass, method of opening and material used in production, the price of a panoramic window will vary. Panoramic windows made of uPVC are the cheapest. However, due to the weight and size of this type of window, which requires a stronger frame, the more expensive aluminium is usually used.

There's no denying panoramic windows are an expensive and sophisticated product. But the benefits of having them - more light in the house, a combination of interior and terrace, and a view of the magnificent countryside - are well worth the price.

Where to buy a panoramic window?

We have a wide range of windows for creating a panorama at Aikon Distribution. We can make virtually any size of glazing, provided of course that it is technically possible. We also have a choice of opening mechanisms, colours and window accessories, including the aforementioned window coverings such as exterior blinds and exterior shutters. This makes buying panoramic windows online easy, convenient and safe.

Contact our advisor and they will be sure to select the perfect panoramic window for your needs.

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