Insect screens

Frame insect screens

                Installing a window insect screen frame allows you to enjoy fresh air in your home, while preventing annoying insects inside....

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Door insect screens

The door insect screen is a product that allows you to protect door openings in houses and flats from annoying insects. Importantly, it does not impede the use of the door and is fully...

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Sliding insect screens

The sliding insect screen is an excellent product for protecting your home from unwanted bugs and insects . It can be installed on large, glazed and sliding balcony doors, patio doors, shop...

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Roll-up insect screens

Roll-up insect screens are an effective way to get rid of unwanted insects. Do you dream of a peaceful night with your windows open? Installing a roller fly screen for windows is a simple,...

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Pleated insect screens

The pleated insect screen is an innovative screen that is the ideal solution for protecting patio and balcony doors from insects, pollen and dust. Pleated insect screen - what makes...

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Insect screen accessories

Insect screen accessories are usually products that are not included in the standard insect screen equipment, but which can be added to it. This can include: corners, aluminium hinges, door...

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Insect screens

Insect screens are functional and aesthetic covers for windows and doors. They are a reliable solution, providing effective protection against all kinds of insects, such as mosquitoes, flies or wasps. By installing them in your home, you can easily ventilate rooms in the summer months and enjoy the warm season without worrying about annoying buzzing or painful bites.

Insect screens - Product advantages

Firstly, insect screens are effective in protecting against insects and in reducing pollen entering the room. Secondly, they are ecological - they provide a mechanical barrier against insects, so there is no need to use chemical insect control products in the house. Thirdly, insect screens are made to measure - they are perfectly suited to any type of window or door. The netting of the Insect screen does not reduce the visibility in the light of the window and is resistant against atmospheric factors such as temperature, UV radiation and rain. Besides, insect screens have standard colors and the possibility to choose the color of the profile according to the RAL palette or a timber-like veneer palette. They are made of strong and durable materials and are easy to install by yourself.

Tailor-made insect screens

At Aikon Distribution, we have a full range of solutions to protect your interiors from insects, pollen and debris. You can fit our made-to-measure insect screens to any type, shape and color of window. They are weatherproof and do not obstruct visibility in the light of the window. Last but not least, they do not obstruct the use of windows and interior and exterior window coverings.

Types of insect screens - insect screens for windows

Insect screen frame

Insect screen frames for windows are a simple and effective way to protect against insects coming from outside. They are perfect for windows used to ventilate the rooms. The assembly of insect screens is quick and non-invasive. It consists of fastening the screen to the window frame with swivel brackets. It is easy to remove the screen, e.g. after the summer season or when tidying up.

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Insect screen frames

Roll-up insect screen

The roll-up insect screen is mounted on the outside of the window. The net is wound onto a roller and then retracted into an aesthetically pleasing cassette, which is fitted with guides. To protect the interior from insects, the Insect screen needs to be rolled out and then locked in place with a hook bar or catches in the guides. When the cover is released from the catches, the net automatically retracts into the cassette.

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Roll-up insect screen

Insect screens for patios

Sliding insect screen

The sliding insect screen is used in large glazed niches such as balconies, terraces, shop windows, and also winter gardens. The Insect screen's wing slides on guides - upper and lower, single or double. The availability of many types of sliding insect screens, as well as the choice of guides depending on the height of the threshold, allows the product to be perfectly adapted in terms of its functionality and place of installation. Furthermore, the sliding insect screen, if selected in the color of the window joinery, will create a coherent and harmonious appearance with the window.

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SLIDING insect screen

Pleated insect screen

The pleated Insect screen is ideal for places with large door glazings, e.g. exits to the patio or terrace. The modular construction of the pleated Insect screen allows it to be folded into a single or double leaf system. The pleated screen is completely retracted into the aluminium profile when folded. This means that it takes up very little space when retracted. It is sure to appeal to those who like minimalism and stylish, elegant solutions.

You can find out more about the pleated insect screen here:

PLEATED insect screen

Insect screens for doors

The insect screen for doors is used on patio doors for smaller terrace or garden exits. Door insect screens are mounted with hinges to the building facade or door frame. These tailor-made insect screens are equipped with magnets and a brush seal, thus effectively protecting the room against uncontrolled entry of insects and dirt from outside. The comfort of use is increased by the opening handle and the self-closing device, which automatically closes the open insect screen.

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Insect screen for door

Installing an insect screen for windows and doors is a simple, ecological and effective way to get rid of unwanted insects from your house or flat. As mentioned earlier, there are several types of insect screens, which differ in their purpose, mounting or control method. Which type you decide on depends on the existing design, the color of the window frames and the installation possibilities.

Are you looking for insect screens for your windows and doors? Contact our sales team, who will help you make the right choice.