Lintel roller shutters

Lintel roller shutters RKS

Lintel roller shutters RKS

RKS system of roller shutters, also called an under-plaster box system, is used in the newly built houses. Considering its perfect physical properties, the roller shutters reach top values in the...

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Lintel roller shutters

Due to their undeniable remarkable qualities, roller shutters have become the most popular window coverings, especially in residential buildings. In many European countries, they are a standard element of residential premises. Their use is in line with the global trend to seek energy savings and build user- and environmentally-friendly premises. In addition, the wealth of technical solutions makes it possible to install these coverings in almost any constructions and conditions.

Lintel roller shutters

Lintel roller shutters, also known as a flush-mounted casing system, mounted in the RKS solution, are the most modern roller shutter option. It is a special construction system used in newly built properties. Elements of the lintel system ensure quick and easy installation into any type of wall, secure and stable fixing to the structural elements of the building and effective thermal and acoustic insulation. The stability of the lintel structure is maintained thanks to steel reinforcement and aluminium plaster supports. The casing of the lintel roller shutter is fully encased. As a result, the system can be perfectly integrated into the architectural concept of the building.

Lintel roller shutters significantly reduce the energy required to heat and cool the house. They are recommended for energy-efficient and passive houses. The decision to purchase lintel roller shutters should be made well in advance, preferably at the stage of designing the premises.

Lintel roller shutters - Advantages


Thanks to the anti-burglary protection and strong armouring, the roller shutters make break-ins and theft much more difficult.


High-quality materials protect against excessive heat and external noise, guarantee full discretion and privacy, and provide a feeling of intimacy.

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation foam filling the slats combined with the air layer formed between the lowered roller shutter and the window effectively contributes to the protection against heat loss in winter and ensures pleasant coolness inside the rooms in summer.


The available manual and electric drives, remote control with time programming, wind and solar automation make the use of the roller blinds light, easy and comfortable.

Wide range of colors

A wide range of colors and veneers makes it possible to match the color of the roller blind to individual requirements and perfectly integrate it into any façade.

Llintel roller-shutters - types of control systems

1. Manual control - usually a tape retractor is available as standard.

2. Cable control (individual or group) - control using a switch connected to the cable system. Individual control requires a separate switch for each drive. Group control enables control of groups of roller shutters using controllers connected by cable installation.

3. Radio control - makes it possible to raise and lower the roller shutter slats by means of a radio signal. This type of control gives the possibility to programme any number of radio drives into remote controls or wall transmitters. In turn, several remote controls or wall transmitters can be programmed for each radio drive.

4. Radio-cable control - gives the possibility to raise and lower the roller shutter slats by means of a cable pulse as well as a radio pulse. This is a way of controlling roller shutters using a remote control or wall transmitter. This solution requires a switch with a radio receiver for one or two roller shutters.

5. Io-homecontrol - this control enables integrated, wireless operation of the roller shutters. With the integrated radio receiver and io feedback, it is possible to remotely control and programme it using a computer or a mobile phone.

Installation of lintel roller shutters

The assembly of roller shutters in the RKS system can be divided into several stages:

1. Installation of the casings during wall construction before the lintels are formed (the casings are an integral part of the wall).

2. Installation of the guides together with the installation of the windows.

3. Installation of roller shutter slats, fittings (drives), inspection flaps.

Lintel roller shutters at Aikon Distribution

Lintel roller shutters at Aikon Distribution are perfectly matched and tailored to the most sophisticated customer needs. They are manufactured to individual specification after all needed measurements have been taken.

Are you looking for roller shutters for your project? Contact our sales consultant who will choose the perfect solution for you.


Lintel roller shutters RKS