Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and Over garage doors are easy to open and close. Smooth movement is guaranteed by special springs, bearing rollers and bumpers mounted on guides.

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Up and Over Doors ribs

Up and Over Doors ribs

Up and Over garage doors offer a wide range of design compositions, so you can easily match the right door to your budget, the climate and aesthetics of your home.

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Colours of Up and Over doors

Colours of Up and Over doors

Thanks to the wide range of Up and Over door colours, you can freely arrange any project and give your space an aesthetic, classic or even original character.

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Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are some of the most popular doors on the market. They are designed for use in private buildings and outbuildings. They are constructed of a frame, sash and horizontal overhead tracks. Their simple construction and uncomplicated and proven mechanical solutions guarantee reliable operation of the door.

In addition, the easy installation of the up-and-over garage door both in and behind the opening works well in many situations. As a result, it is still very popular, even though more modern solutions have appeared on the market.

The up-and-over garage door - construction

The popularity of the up-and-over garage door is largely driven by its simple and robust construction. This door is installed behind or in the opening. The frame and sash are made of closed and galvanized steel sections. The leaf profiles are joined by special connectors.

Up-and-over garage doors are available in several variants of finishing and equipment. They can be insulated or non-insulated. They are available in automatic or manual versions. As standard, the up-and-over garage door is equipped with a lock with an insert and an assembly kit.

Functionality and safety of garage up-and-over doors

A number of solutions are used in the up-and-over garage door which make it safe to use. These include, for example, two-point locking, which ensures safety against unauthorized opening. In addition, bearing-munted rollers ensure long-lasting and quiet operation, and the insulated version of the door improves the thermal insulation of the garage. Furthermore, the up-and-over garage door cover is made of profiled steel sheet offering the excellent robustness of the door.

Garage door up-and-over  - additional options

At Aikon Distribution we can add a number of additional options to the standard up-and-over garage door, which can increase the safety of the door and the comfort of use. These include:

- wicket doors
- windows
- ventilation grilles
- additional lock in the wicket door
- single key system
- padlock on wicket door
- brush instead of threshold
- security cylinder
- door closer
- side sliders
- locking

as well as a code keypad, wall transmitter, photocells and external code lock.

Up-and-over garage door - other advantages

In addition to the convenience of use and simplicity of construction, a major advantage of up-and-over garage doors is their visual attractiveness. After all, the use of an up-and-over garage door can improve the appearance of the entire building. When deciding on a particular door, customers can also choose not only its appropriate size, but also the shape and colour, which can be easily matched to other finishing elements of the building and the appearance of the facade.

Up-and-over doors - patterns and colours

The up-and-over doors are available in more than 10 designs. They can be painted in the colour of your choice from over 200 possible colours.

In addition, some types of up-and-over doors can be supplied with a decorative application between the door panels. Such a seemingly minor operation makes it possible to obtain an original and modern door.

Prices of up-and-over garage doors

The prices of up-and-over doors depend on their equipment. An insulated, automatically operated, additionally decorated up-and-over door will be more expensive than a basic manual up-and-over door. However, sometimes it is worth spending a larger sum of money on a garage door in order to enjoy a reliable and comfortable door for many years.

Do you want to buy an up-and-over garage door. Or are you interested in buying another garage door available from Aikon Distribution? Check out the range of roller garage doors and sectional doors. Get in touch with our sales team.


Colours of Up and Over doors