Glass door panels

Glass Line

Glass Line is a range of exclusive, original, comprehensive and, most importantly, glass door panels.  GLASS LINE - ADVANTAGES The Glass Line range of glass door panels is...

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Glass door panels

The everlasting elegance, the enormous design possibilities and the increasing usability of glass are of interest to architects all over the world. This in turn leads to the creation of exclusive and timeless glass door panels.

Front door glass panels

Glass door panels are an extremely modern product that can be used in a wide variety of interior styles, including expressive and modernist. However, glass door panels are not only a decorative element of our home. They provide security and protection against intruders as well as high energy efficiency, which is exactly what we expect from a front door.

Front door with glass side panels

In addition to a glass panel, your front door may also have glass side panels. Both on both sides of the door as well as above it.

The installation of a front door with glass fanlights makes it possible to optically widen the entrance area of your house or other building, making it even more representative and unique.

Glass door with side panels  - glass panel construction

As mentioned, glass-panelled doors can also be fitted with side panels, which will bring natural light into the space around the door, extending it optically at the same time.

The glass panel used in such doors consists of burglar-proof glass with a print of your choice, a warm frame and thermally coated safety glass.

The side-panels, on the other hand, may have a different pane of glass, such as ornamental glass. The choice of glazing is really extensive and you can read more about it here:


Glass door panels - Aikon Distribution's offer

Our offer includes a wide selection of glass door panels in various styles, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers. They are all characterised by exceptional design, long life and very good thermal insulation properties. Importantly, doors with such panels are also robust and stable.

If you are interested in purchasing a door with a glass door panel, please contact our merchant. For the most demanding customers we also offer the possibility to create a custom design.