Loft-style interiors have been among some of the most desirable arrangements in recent times. This is mainly because former industrial buildings are finding their way into the hands of building companies and are being converted into flats. What does this trend entail? How should a loft flat be furnished to maintain an industrial feel, but with a cozy atmosphere? And most importantly for us - what windows fit in loft arrangements?

Where does the loft style come from?

The loft style is a variation of the modern style. Its origins date back to the 1960s-70s (although some reports say as early as the 1950s). At that time, in the American city of Manhattan, the interiors of an old factory were adapted for use as an art studio and gallery. Subsequently, other American cities began to convert buildings from former industrial sites into commercial and residential premises. When the process of absorbing such buildings into the metropolitan fabric began to take place outside the US as well, the loft style was adopted as the ideal solution for combining the preservation of spatial and architectural heritage with utility and style.

What are the distinguishing characteristics of the loft style?

Loft style - simplicity and minimalism

The hallmarks of the loft style are simplicity, minimalism and modernity. It is a style that is almost completely devoid of decoration, where function clearly takes precedence over form. This style is therefore ideally suited to creating an unconventional room design.

Loft-style room

Loft style - open space

The loft style - like the industrial style - loves open space. It is therefore distinguished by its spaciousness and lack of traditional division into rooms such as the kitchen or living room. It uses similar materials such as brick and concrete, is not afraid to show structural elements of the building and loves large windows and high ceilings. The loft style therefore clearly harks back to its industrial past, but can look much more homely.

LOFT style windows - large glazed areas

Modern windows in loft rooms are much larger than in classic buildings. The large glazing allows the raw interior to be brilliantly exposed, while also providing plenty of sunlight into the room. The glazing package is usually surrounded by an aluminium frame, which fits in perfectly with the style of loft interiors. In this type of windows, elements referring to the beauty of traditional, factory-made steel windows - MUNTINS - are also often used, thanks to which they perfectly match the atmospheric, open space.

Find out more about muntins in loft windows in our article:

Guide to architectural styles - what window for loft interiors?

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Loft window with muntin bars

Loft windows - properties and parameters

When deciding to renovate industrial buildings and give them a loft-like atmosphere, you should be prepared to choose the right quality of windows. This is particularly important due to the sizeable window openings, through which a lot of heat can escape. In addition, industrial-style buildings are usually located in noisy surroundings. The city centre or the proximity to busy streets can negatively affect the comfort of the home if it does not provide adequate sound insulation.

Loft windows must therefore be designed to cope with this type of challenge - keeping the room warm and the occupants acoustically comfortable. When choosing windows for industrial interiors, it is therefore important to pay attention to parameters such as Uw and Rw, which determine the level of heat transfer and acoustic insulation respectively. The higher the Rw, the better the noise protection.* On the other hand, the Uw factor should be as low as possible to ensure adequate thermal comfort.

*Standard glazing has a sound insulation value (Rw) of 30 dB, for soundproof glazing this value should ideally be at least 35 dB.

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Windows for loft interiors - colours

The loft style is distinguished by specific colours and raw textures - dominated by grey, white or black, there is also red brick, steel and brass.

Therefore, various shades of grey, anthracite and black are ideal for loft windows. It is also a great idea to choose an aluminium frame in polished stainless steel, so that the windows will look natural in an industrial setting.



Loft windows at Aikon Distribution

Aikon Distribution has a wide range of aluminium windows that are ideal for loft styling. A wide range of colours, muntins and very good technical parameters are factors that characterise our windows. We also undertake unusual orders. Not only that, we like them - they are a challenge for us.


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