PVC front door panels

Door panels Start

The door panels of the START series are made of vacuum-pressed ABS plastic panels with a decorative frame. ABS is a material that is characterised by its very high hardness, making it extremely...

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Door panels Basic Line

The Basic Line door panels are a group of door panels extruded in PVC and in ABS. In PVC if the door panels are in white or in ABS if they are veneered. Both PVC and ABS plastic...

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Vizual are panels of modern style and timeless simplicity. Clean-looking fillings that do not need to be accompanied by other decorative elements.  Advantages of Vizual door...

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Door panels from the Elegance series will be appreciated by anyone looking for quality at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the wide choice of models and the very wide range of finishes make the...

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PVC front door panels

uPVC door panels are made from the highest quality plastic. They combine elegant classics with modern design. They are functional, durable and precisely manufactured. In addition, uPVC panel doors provide excellent thermal and insulating protection. They are available in many colours and shades. With a range of handles and pulls to choose from. You can easily adapt them to your needs.

uPVC door panels - advantages

Quality at a good price

The most important benefit offered by uPVC door panels is the extremely positive quality-to-price ratio. As a result, even with a limited budget it is possible to purchase a door with great technical features that will look great. 

Very good thermal insulation

Good insulation is a fundamental characteristic we expect from a door. Doors with uPVC panels perform excellently in this regard. They are very effective in protecting against the cold weather, they are able to resist noise, they are resistant to moisture and wind is effectively repelled even in strong gusts.


Made from uPVC, door panels are a great solution for those who put security first. The possibility of using advanced fittings in uPVC doors means that they can have excellent properties in terms of anti-burglary protection.


uPVC door panels have a very high resistance to weather and biological factors, which are a main threat while using external doors.

uPVC front door with side panels

uPVC front doors can be fitted with side panels or panels above the door. They will be a very elegant decorative element, adding a touch of class to the door. UPVC front door with side panels will also let a lot more natural light into the room and the room will be optically lengthened.

Modern uPVC door panels

Modern uPVC door panels are characterised by a universal design that blends well with most architectural styles. Simple, geometric shapes and asymmetries are ideally suited to modern architecture. On the other hand, many veneer designs, imitating wood or metal, as well as solid RAL colours, create a wide range of colour options. A great selection of ornamental glazing makes many opportunities of creating original doors.

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