External venetian blinds

External venetian blinds

External venetian blinds are a modern and stylish product fitted to the outside of the building facade. The light and minimalist structure of external venetian blinds presents itself...

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External blinds control

When choosing external venetian blinds as a solution for sun protection, it is worth remembering that their control system is responsible for their correct functioning. The control system you...

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External venetian blinds

External venetian blinds are modern and elegant window coverings which are installed on the outside of buildings. They are used in architectural designs with large glazings.

The main function of venetian blinds is to protect the interior from bright sunlight. In addition, they reduce noise transmission and improve the external appearance of the façade. When used on large glass surfaces, they act as insulation. They distribute the room temperature correctly and do not overload the operation of the air conditioning - on the contrary, they support its operation.

External venetian blinds

The main and most visible component of external venetian blinds are the horizontal laths, which are made of aluminium. The laths come in various shapes - their cross-sections are in the shape of an S, C and Z listera. The laths are available in widths from 65 to 90 mm. They are weather-resistant thanks to a high-quality lacquer coating. The lacquer coatings also increase the resistance to mechanical damage of the blinds. By changing the angle of the laths, it is possible to regulate the inflow of light and heat into the room. An additional advantage is the protection against the visibility of rooms from outside, without having to completely cover the windows.

External Venetian blinds can be fully automatic - this significantly improves the comfort of their use. This solution can cooperate with weather sensors. It is also possible to connect the blinds to a smart home management system.

The best external venetian blinds

Venetian blinds, like external blinds, primarily provide sensational sun protection. This is particularly important for houses or offices with windows facing east or west. Such an arrangement can significantly reduce the comfort of the rooms, especially in summer when temperatures reach over 30 degrees. With the help of façade blinds, the interior can be shielded from the sun's rays instantly. This makes the interior cooler and more pleasant to stay in.

Thanks to their ability to block out up to 80% of the sun's rays and protect the bedroom or study from heating up. This will make using air conditioning indoors less intensive. What's more, the fact that Venetian blinds are manufactured from robust, weather-resistant materials ensures that they will be an investment for many years. The smooth control and easy operation are also not insignificant, thanks to which Venetian blinds are sure to appeal even to demanding customers.

Wooden venetian blinds

Closer to nature, venetian elements such as wooden venetian blinds are sure to add charm and elegance to a building's venetian. Wood is a natural product - and this is one argument for its limitations. The lamellas of a wooden external blind are thin-walled, exposed to constant sunlight and weather changes. These factors are the reason why the purchase of wooden facade blinds continues to decline. At Aikon Distribution, we want our customers to buy for years to come with a guarantee of the best quality. That is why we offer aluminium facade blinds - which are characterised by excellent material durability.

External venetian blinds cost

The investment in facade blinds allows you to change the appearance of the building. This product gives the façade an interesting and modern character. A characteristic feature is their ease of installation, lightweight construction and undeniably attractive appearance. The external blinds such as venetian  has a very affordable price, which will certainly convince many users to purchase this type of solution.

The price of venetian blinds depends on many factors. The decisive factor here is their size, however, all amenities usually also have an additional charge. A professional quotation will allow the costs to be adjusted to individual needs. With their lightweight construction and functionality, venetian blinds are constantly expanding their usability options by choosing non-standard sizes.

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