Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors are installed even on small driveways. No extra space is needed when opening the garage. You can park your car right next to the gate.

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Sectional door ribs

Sectional door ribs

See available ribs patterns for sectional garage doors: UNIPRO, UNITHERM and PRIME.

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Colours of sectional doors

Colours of sectional doors

Thanks to a wide range of sectional doors colours you can freely arrange any project and give your space an aesthetic, classic and even original character.

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Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors combine precision workmanship and attention to detail with a huge range of designs, textures, colours and decorative applications. Thanks to this, sectional doors can be matched to both modern buildings and traditional buildings. They can be used in new buildings as well as in modernisation projects due to their numerous design solutions. Sectional doors are one of the most universal garage door solutions.

Sectional garage door - specification

- door shutters made of 40 mm steel panels filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam
- construction made of galvanized steel elements
- the door shutters move along the vertical and horizontal overhead tracks
- door sealed around the entire perimeter
- sealing between the lower panel and the ground
- seal between the upper panel and the lintel is provided by a seal fitted to the upper panel or fitted to the lintel
- the panels are equipped with a shape protection to prevent finger trapping and seals at the meeting point of two panels
- sectional doors are available in manual and automatic versions

See how to correctly install a sectional garage door:

How to install a sectional garage door

Sectional garage door - colours and patterns

The rich palette of colours and structures of sectional garage doors allows any design to be freely arranged.

Based on the needs and ideas of customers who want a durable, aesthetic and original look, at Aikon Distribution we offer a wide range of door colours.  This gives us the opportunity to match the colour of the doors to the facade, doors, windows or finishing elements of the building. Additionally, the customer can choose a door made of panels with or without embossing, or with decorative applications.

Sectional garage doors - thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is the factor that distinguishes sectional doors from other garage doors. This qualifies them as a recommended product for energy-efficient and even passive buildings. It is also the answer to the need for maximising energy savings. Thanks to the use of thermally insulated panels and sealing systems, heat loss is eliminated at the door's most critical points. 

Sectional garage door - safety

One of the main tasks of a sectional garage door is to ensure the safety and comfort of its use, both during door operation and to secure the entrance to the garage. High safety standards are achieved through the use of a number of technical solutions such as specially shaped panels, safety brakes, an integrated spring break protection system and roller bearings.

Sectional garage door - the price

When purchasing a garage door you have to take into account a considerable cost. However, it is an investment for many, for many years. Although the prices of garage doors vary, and this is influenced, among other things, by the size and dimensions of the door, the type of security features used, the type of drive used, additional equipment such as: different types of guides, additional seals, decorative applications, additional locks, photocells.

Sectional garage door - purchase online

At Aikon Distribution, you can buy a sectional garage door exclusively online. This is a fast, convenient and, above all, secure solution. Buying garage doors and all joinery online is now very popular and, most importantly, it is just as trustworthy as traditional shopping.

A sectional garage door needs to be fully customised to the customer's requirements and design. That is why at Aikon Distribution, we try to show the product so that the customer knows exactly what they are going to get. We also explain all the little nuances and answer any questions.

If you are interested in purchasing a sectional garage door or any other door from our offer, we kindly ask you to contact our salesman.


Colours of sectional doors