Arched windows

Window joinery is an extremely important element of building architecture. In addition to functionality and safety, we expect windows to provide decoration and the perfect finishing touch to our home. In slightly more original designs, windows often determine the style and character of the building. Of the various shapes, arched windows seem to be the most striking and decorative.

But where does an arched window really do the job?

Arched windows can be found in old townhouses, especially in attics. They will certainly fit perfectly into the architecture of a house styled as an old palace or country house. However, lovers of modern style can also successfully apply arched windows to their project. Usually one window is chosen for this purpose, usually the most visible, the largest or located in an interesting place. It looks great at the top of the house, where it harmonises very well with the soaring roof. It is worth noting that arched windows are both those based on a rectangle, ending in an arch at the top, as well as those completely round, which also appear in modern designs. One should also not forget about avant-garde buildings, whose design is limited only by the designer's imagination. Windows can therefore take any shape, size and be placed anywhere. They are an element inspired by the past as well as creating the future.

Types and kinds of arched windows

The most basic typology of arched windows divides them into: façade, large size (balcony and terrace windows) and roof windows. They can be of fixed construction ('fixes'), casement or mixed construction. In the latter case, the window consists of several quarters. The upper part (with an arch) is fixed, while the lower, rectangular sashes are often turn or tilt-and-turn.

Arched timber windows

Arched timber windows are often used as a feature of historic palaces, manor houses and residences arranged in a classical style. But not only. Arched timber windows can complement both traditional buildings and modern architecture. Arched timber windows are characterised by their high rigidity and durability, which also makes them ideal for creating large-scale joinery.

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Upvc arched windows

Arched windows can also be made of plastic. uPVC is a material that can be used to make virtually any shape of window, which is why it is used to create precisely arched windows.

Advantages of arched uPVC windows:

  • high degree of tightness,
  • all elements in an arched window that open will not lose their structural rigidity,
  • high level of acoustic and thermal insulation,
  • rich colour palette.

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Double glazed arched windows

Double glazed windows, or in other words double glazed windows, are some of the most commonly chosen windows. They consist of two layers of glass separated by a gas space. Double glazed arched windows provide good thermal and acoustic insulation. They provide protection against heat loss from inside the building and can help to reduce heating costs. In addition, double-glazed windows are an attractive solution in terms of price. They are a product with very good properties at a reasonable price.

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Arched windows, extremely elegant and stylish, depending on the finish will go well with a building maintained in a classic style, as well as with a modern character.  They will give it an extraordinary original look and highlight all its aesthetic qualities. Arched windows, however, require a very precise measurement of the place of placement, preparation of the window recess and extremely careful installation.

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