Corner Windows

Modernity is always a trend, but modernity in architecture demands innovative technological solutions; corner windows are one such solution, and their popularity has only increased in the last few years. So, what are their types? And what are their features?

Modern corner windows

They are panoramic windows which are great for houses on scenic plots with a lovely garden. As the rooms get more light, it makes your day more pleasant; modern corner windows are tailored specifically to your needs, and they require the use of appropriate ceiling reinforcement and header assembly.

Corner windows from the UK

It's no surprise to anyone that the windows and doors at home should be energy efficient first and foremost - no matter how stylish and modern they look; the technology used in corner windows must therefore provide excellent thermal insulation. Your house with windows in corners will always stand out from classic home designs - let's highlight their advantages and disadvantages:

Features of Corner Windows

Windows in corners are most commonly used in residential buildings, both single and multi-family; what are their features?

Rooms Get More Light

Corner windows are guaranteed to provide up to 30% more natural light, as the sunlight enters through the panes on both sides of the building, the rooms are therefore not only better illuminated, but the light also lasts longer.

Building Aesthetics

These windows make your house sleek and modern, and the aesthetically pleasing design of modern corner windows also has the added benefit of increasing its market value.

Your Well-Being Will Improve

More light in the rooms thanks to corner windows contributes to the well-being of you and your family; every psychologist agrees that natural light has an excellent effect on improving your mood and concentration.

Reduced Electricity Bills

Artificial lighting is switched on less often since you have more natural light going in from the windows in corners, which provides stronger lighting and for longer.

Gives You More Space

Corner windows make small rooms feel more spacious.

Better Views

Modern corner windows, especially large ones, remove the boundary between the interior and the exterior of the world, as they bring the outside world into your house.

Types of Corner Windows - With and Without Mullion

This kind of windows are mainly divided into two groups based on their design, mullion corner windows (corner profile) and corner windows with a step.

Mullion Corner Windows

Corner windows with a mullion - the mullion is the same colour as the frame of the entire construction at the joint of the panes. The panes are joined not only at 90 degrees, but also at 45, 135 and 210 degrees and at least one sash is opened usually. When the corner profile is properly insulated, it’s tempting to say that it’ll be warmer than a corner window with a step.

Corner Windows with a Step

Windows in corners, equipped with a step are a minimalist's dream come true. The panes are joined together without the use of a corner profile at 90 degrees only, the glass walls rest on each other and the joining area is finished with silicone or ceramic enamel, and on the inside, a backing strip, and an especially adapted adhesive take care of the insulation; not having a corner profile allows your view to be endless - however, with this solution you can’t have an open sash.

Types of corner windows - Aluminium Corner Window

Aluminium corner windows are commonly used in modernism-inspired construction, this style is based on simple forms in which functionality, workmanship and precise attention to the facade composition are very important. Aluminium corner windows are aesthetically refined and they’re built to the highest modern design standards.

The cost of installing windows in corners

The cost of corner windows cannot be stated unequivocally - this is because a lot of factors influence the price of this type of window; the biggest influence on the price is the design and type of windows, as with classic windows, these corner windows can be made with PVC, timber or aluminium, and costs are also generated by the parameters of the windows (e.g. their acoustic and thermal insulation), selected fittings or possible profile colouring.

The corner window is becoming more and more popular in projects - as this type of construction has many advantages and it looks great, however, before investing in a corner window, it’s worth paying attention to its most important parameters, so that the structure meets all your requirements and needs, and then you can just enjoy the result of your choice.

Can’t choose which type will fit your house? You can count on our specialists to help you decide, get in touch!

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