Urban Jungle style

The urban jungle style is one of the newest interior styles. It refers to wild, exotic nature and is a substitute for the jungle in urban reality. Its fans are lovers of lush vegetation and natural accessories. The key colour for this style is, of course, green. What are the characteristics of the urban jungle style?

Urban jungle style - key principles

Main focus: Plants

Plants - monstera, ivy, ferns - are the foundation of urban jungle style. And we are not just talking about live flowers in pots. The style breaks the stereotype - plants are not only found on windowsills. Greenery is distributed throughout the flat. There is a place for it in the bathroom, in the hall, in the kitchen and in the living room on the floor even on the bookcase next to the photos of the whole family.

Animal prints are also desirable

Does it seem that urban jungle style décor is all about plant motifs? After all, nature is also about animals. Animal-inspired patterns are therefore also suitable for interior design. They add an interesting variety to the overall décor and make it predatory. So what motifs should we go for?

First and foremost stripes or spots, which appear on the fur of the big cats. Any leopard or tiger pattern is advisable. The same will apply to zebra print. However, these do not always have to be one-to-one prints. Original or fine inserts are sometimes a great choice. This will bring your décor to life and give it an individual touch.

Urban jungle colours

Green, green and more green

The primary colour of the urban jungle style is, of course, green. This includes both light pastel colours and darker ones. With the help of these colours we can bring a natural atmosphere to the interior. This will give you a moment's respite while providing you with a sense of calm and relaxation. Greenery in any form soothes the nerves and allows for better rest. Most furnishings and accessories should therefore be in this colour.

Windows in an urban jungle living room

Urban jungle decoration

Natural materials and organic raw materials

The use of natural finishing materials, the selection of furniture made from organic raw materials and decorations with floral patterns are also characteristic of the urban jungle style. It is a good idea to include furniture made of natural timber, rattan and wicker in the urban jungle living room, but also industrial or loft inspired models made of steel and glass. Coffee tables with stone tops or brass legs will also look interesting.

Interiors in this style verge on baroque exaggeration and sometimes even kitsch. The trick is to arrange the space in this style in such a way that there is both a jungle-like redundancy and a harmony conducive to comfortable relaxation.

Windows and doors in urban jungle style

In the urban jungle style, windows and doors are an important part of the overall composition.  As with colours or accessories, they should be associated with nature. Timber windows are therefore a great solution. Both in their natural shade and in the currently popular warm whites, light beiges or bleached browns.

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