The founders of the Schüco brand themselves claim that their success is defined by innovation, partnership, perfection and responsibility. And it is hard not to agree with this statement - this is a brand that constantly innovates with its solutions. German quality, i.e. state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials. The smooth, weather-resistant surface of the windows makes them easy to maintain and clean for many years. The low heat transmission values of the window frame mean the best level of thermal insulation, which generates savings on space heating.

Schuco Company combines strong branding, certified quality and outstanding design under one name and, on top of this, the company's sustainable products help to conserve natural resources and take responsibility for people and nature. These arguments seem to be indicative of the investors' choice of this brand.

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What do users appreciate Schüco for?

  •  - the wide range of profiles
  •  - huge selection of window accessories
  •  - technologically advanced sealing system
  •  - high-quality thermal insulation, also suitable for passive houses
  •  - reduction in energy consumption of up to 33%
  •  - stylish design and the possibility of colour matching

Modern windows stand out in the market today for their extensive insulation systems. Most of the high-tech components comprising the entire window construction perfectly protect the residential dwelling from heat loss or noise. They are all designed to give excellent comfort and security. Regardless of the fact that they will be exposed to a range of adverse phenomena and weather conditions over the years. Do Schüco window and door profiles meet these conditions?

Schüco windows systems - the economic and ecological choice

High thermal insulation and energy efficiency are the main features that every window user considers when shopping for windows. It is thanks to these aspects that a friendly ambience prevails in the home, which ideally meets the needs of the inhabitants.

An ecological window is a new generation window that guarantees excellent insulation parameters, including a low heat transfer coefficient. By investing in PVC Schüco, you can guarantee significantly higher thermal comfort. The conditions generated by a well-chosen joinery generate savings. These savings, are linked to a reduction in heating bills - one way of doing your bit for the planet.

Stylish design of Schüco windows

Everyone of us wants to make the new house look elegant. The distinctive and streamlined window shape makes the interiors of our home look more welcoming and cosy, and the building gains in attractiveness. Schüco windows are designed to please the eye of the homeowner every day. The brand has made sure to include a wide range of accessories and colours.

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Schüco systems - everyday living comfort

In addition to economy and elegant design, Schüco PVC windows stand for durability and comfort of use for years. They are airtight, warm and weather-resistant PVC Schüco profiles. They do not require special care and maintenance. Cleaning the windows itself is not a difficult operation - although it does require some regularity. And adjustment is an element of maintenance that we can carry out ourselves without calling in a professional.

German Schüco Systems- top quality

High-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology form a combination that contributes to German window quality. PVC Schüco windows guarantees the best levels of thermal insulation and heating savings. The external surface of the window is made of the best quality PVC, which ensures weather resistance. On top of all this, there is a wide range of accessories and the possible creation of constructions with different shapes. All this adds up to the customised design possibility. It all adds up to excellent German quality.

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