Terrace windows

Terrace windows are the heart of any home's living room, and often the bedroom too. They open up the space, illuminate the room and guarantee the occupants convenience in moving between the house and the terrace, as well as a nice view of the garden. They must therefore be functional, weather-resistant and also safe. Which terrace windows should you go for? Let's find out!

Terrace windows

The terrace is the second living room that provides a place for summer relaxation. It is therefore good for it to be well connected to the rooms that adjoin it. Terrace windows allow you to move comfortably from the house to the outside and also open up a wide view of the surrounding area for the residents.

The choice of the type of terrace window depends on the size and character of the room and the plans for its furnishings. Of course, the attractiveness of the area surrounding the building also decides. For it is precisely the terrace windows that can accentuate its qualities. The price is also important.

There are different types of terrace windows on sale - and you can choose the material they will be made from - aluminium, wood, uPVC, the type of opening - sliding or casement, the layout of the sashes, of course the size and many other factors.

Sliding terrace windows

As we have already mentioned, when deciding to purchase terrace windows, we have several solutions to choose from. However, the most functional and aesthetically pleasing are sliding terrace windows. Why? What are their advantages?

Terrace windows with sliding doors provide high comfort and good thermal and acoustic insulation. They can be manufactured in large sizes and the use of modern technology enables easy operation - despite their often large dimensions and considerable weight, sliding the sash does not require much force. In addition, it is possible to flush the threshold with the floor and terrace. This makes it easier to move between the interior of the house and the terrace (especially for children, the elderly or those with mobility problems).

Another unquestionable advantage of terrace windows with sliding doors is that they do not require additional opening space - either in the room or on the terrace.

When to choose sliding terrace windows?

  • When we want a nice and panoramic view of the surroundings.
  • If we want a wide opening of the room to the terrace.
  • If we don't want the window sashes to tug at curtains or drapes when they open.
  • If we want to place furniture close to the windows.

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Side-hinged terrace windows

Side-hinged terrace windows are a popular type of terrace window, although they are becoming increasingly rare. They are simple to install, easily accessible and, compared to sliding terrace windows, inexpensive. Thanks to the wide range of colours available, the shade of their frame can be matched to the style of the building, façade or roofing. The sash of terrace windows can fully open outwards or into the centre, and can also be tilted to improve room ventilation.

The disadvantage of casement windows is that they do not have as large glazing as sliding ones. They take up more space when opening, and their appearance is less modern.

What material for terrace windows should you choose? uPVC, aluminium or wood?

As we wrote earlier, terrace windows, like the rest of the window and door joinery, can be made from all three standard materials: uPVC, timber and aluminium. Each material is characterised by different properties, and it depends on the needs of investors which one they should opt for. If the dimensions of the terrace windows of your dreams are beyond the capabilities of timber or uPVC, then aluminium is the perfect choice. If, on the other hand, functionality is important, but the rest of the house is fitted with plastic windows - it will be advantageous to choose also terrace windows made of the same material. Regardless of which material or system the builder decides on, terrace windows will undoubtedly become an attractive point of the house - adding light and timeless elegance.

Large terrace windows

Large terrace windows are a hit in recent times. This is because they allow the effect of connecting the terrace or garden with the room to be achieved, and the interpenetration of the house with nature is very desirable in recent times. In addition, they provide excellent light to the interior of the house and can also become part of more extensive glazing, which makes the rooms appear optically larger. Large glazing - large terrace windows are also a characteristic of modern construction - they perfectly emphasise the modern character of buildings and give them a unique appearance. At the same time, thanks to the availability of terrace windows in various materials and colours, they can also blend in aesthetically with more classic designs.

Cost of terrace windows

The cost of terrace windows depends on many factors - the material you choose (uPVC, aluminium, timber), the type of opening, the size of the windows and even the colour. It is therefore difficult to give a clear-cut cost for terrace windows.

At Aikon Distribution, we therefore prepare a quotation for each customer individually. Importantly, he or she has the opportunity to choose virtually all the elements and components of the window, as well as the freedom to choose the available accessories.

So if you're interested in purchasing terrace windows, please contact our sales representatives. They will be happy to help you choose the right product.


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