Door panels

PVC front door panels

uPVC door panels are made from the highest quality plastic. They combine elegant classics with modern design. They are functional, durable and precisely manufactured. In addition, uPVC panel...

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PVC/ALU front door panels

PVC/ALU front door panels are a combination of highly durable and resistant aluminium with the functional and recently fashionable PVC. Thanks to this combination, PVC/ALU door panels are...

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Aluminium front door panels

Aluminium front door panels are very strong and corrosion resistant. They also withstand degradation processes caused by external factors such as moisture, rain, snow or extremes of cold and...

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Glass door panels

The everlasting elegance, the enormous design possibilities and the increasing usability of glass are of interest to architects all over the world. This in turn leads to the creation of...

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Front door flush panels

Recently, exterior doors have been officially promoted to the role of one of the key decorative elements of the house, and manufacturers are outdoing themselves in proposing their designs,...

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Additions and accessories

Front doors infill accessories are are made of the highest quality materials  with careful attention paid to every finishing detail added  during manufacturing process.  

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Door panels

Door panels provide a stylish and modern look to the doors in your home, flat or business. The modernity, exclusivity and prestigious styling of door panels comes from the original design and fashionable materials used to produce them.

At Aikon Distribution, you can find door panels made of PVC, aluminium and glass.

PVC door panels

This is a group of door panels dedicated to PVC joinery. Such a panel consists of door panels extruded in PVC and ABS, or veneer. ABS is a highly impact-resistant material which is also highly reflective of the sun's UV rays. Both materials are of high quality and have a long durability.  At Aikon Distribution, they are available in three lines: ABS Classic, ABS Technic and Basic Line.

See PVC door panels:


Aluminium door panels

Door panels made of aluminium are the most durable infill material. They are dedicated to aluminium joinery. They are very durable and have a high mechanical resistance. At Aikon Distribution, they are available in several lines: Classic Line, Top Line, Fashion Line and Prestige Line.

See aluminium door panels:



PVC/ALU batch panels are dedicated to PVC joinery with an aluminium overlay. This means that the panel will be aluminium on one side and PVC on the other. These panels are usually used for joinery with aluminium overlays, where we have an aluminium overlay on the outside and standard PVC on the inside.

See this type of door panel:


Glass door panels

This is an exclusive range of original, all-glass infill panels for discerning customers, where digital printing is applied directly to the glass. At Aikon Distribution, there are glass door panels available from the Glass Line.

See the glass door panels available at Aikon Distribution:


Door side panels

Front doors with side panels

Door side panels look like large glass panels connected to the front door. They are typically non-opening and non-tilting glazed partitions. When used with a front door, they are the most economical way to light up a room and at the same time "extend" the space.

By using a front door with side lights, you will enlarge the entrance to your home in a unique way, making this element more representative and special.

Are you interested in buying door panels? Contact our salesman, who will help you choose the right product.