Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors

A universal and functional gate, suitable for almost any garage. Its biggest advantage is saving space on the driveway.

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Roller door ribs

Roller door ribs

Roller doors do not have typical embossing, aluminium profiles are smooth and low. However, their advantage is the presence of additional glazing or ventilation holes.

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Colours of roller doors

Colours of roller doors

Thanks to the wide range of roller door colours, you can freely arrange any design and give your space an aesthetic, classic and even original character.

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Roller Garage Doors

The garage roller doors are designed for use in private buildings and business premises. It is the perfect solution for buildings where space saving is important or where it is not possible to install ceiling guides. The door curtain takes up very little space when rolled up on the shaft, thus freeing up space under the ceiling.

All roll-up garage doors are fitted as standard with an electric drive, internal key switch, external key switch and crank for emergency opening.

Garage roller doors - characteristics

What makes our rolling garage doors stand out? Here are the key features:

- curtain made of aluminium profiles filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam;

- at the bottom edge of the profile a chambered rubber seal is fitted to the ground;

- the curtain moves along aluminium vertical guides and winds up on a winding shaft;

- aluminium guides mounted along the side edges of the opening;

- guides fitted with brush seals;

- tubular actuator mounted in the winding shaft.

Roller garage doors - safety first

One of the most important aspects of using a rolling garage door is safety, so in addition to a secure design it is important to incorporate the necessary safety features. Every garage roller doors are therefore equipped with a safety brake, which acts as an additional safety device. It allows the door curtain to fall down involuntarily.

Safety features which are also present in garage roller doors are the special shape of the profiles which prevents fingers from being trapped, protection against lifting the curtain from the outside and a crank for emergency opening of the door. In addition, you can additionally equip your garage door with, among other things, photocells, a code lock, proximity card reader or code keypad.

Rolling garage doors - patterns, colours and types

Our customers expect a durable, attractive and original appearance for their garage door. This is why we offer a wide range of rolling garage door colours. Modern veneering and painting technologies enable us to obtain surfaces with the structure and colour of natural shades of timber and other RAL-like shades. To ensure 100% satisfaction, we use veneers from the world's leading manufacturers.

Garage roll-up doors do not have the typical embossing, the aluminium profiles are smooth and low. Their advantage, however, is that you can also choose a garage roller door with glazing and a ventilation profile.

There are three types of roller garage doors available depending on the fitting conditions:

- garage roller door BR - 77 S - the door equipped with a roller shutter housing, which is located on the perimeter of the shaft;

- garage rolling door BR - 77 E - door equipped with a roll cover

- garage roller door BR - 100 E - door equipped with a winding shaft cover.

Rolling garage door from Poland

Aikon Distribution offers garage roller doors manufactured by a Polish manufacturer - Wiśniowski company. The company has been on the market since 1989. The Wiśniowski brand is the market leader among garage door manufacturers in Poland and its products are sold in over 45 countries worldwide. What are the characteristics of a garage roller door from Poland created by Wiśniowski? First and foremost, quality, safety and design. Modern technology and meeting stringent standards in terms of resistance.

The price of garage roller doors

The price of garage roller doors, just like any other door, depends on many factors. Among other things, it depends on the size of the door, the type of door chosen, the colour of the door (you will have to pay extra for a non-standard colour), and the accessories.

That's why at Aikon Distribution we price each gate individually and make it to the customer's specific requirements.

If you are interested in purchasing a garage roller door please contact our sales team.


Colours of roller doors