Pleated insect screens

Pleated insect screen

Pleated insect screen

Pleated insect screen is a perfect solution in places where large door glazing is used, e.g. exits to the terrace, balcony or patio. The elements of the insect screen have been designed in such...

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Pleated insect screens

The pleated insect screen is an innovative screen that is the ideal solution for protecting patio and balcony doors from insects, pollen and dust.

Pleated insect screen - what makes them stand out?

What are the characteristics and therefore the advantages of the pleated insect screen?

- Effective and ecological way to keep insects away from home
- Frame made of reinforced aluminium (extruded)
- Weather-resistant frame profiles
- Profiles available in many colours
- Tear-proof and weatherproof mesh
- The netting folds to the side to form an aesthetically pleasing accordion and takes up very little space
- Mesh can be retained at any window height
- Possibility to drill the guides, which speeds up the installation process considerably

Balcony pleated fly screen

Pleated insect screens have been developed for large balcony and patio doors and sliding glazing, which require personalised solutions due to their size. The innovative fastening system allows to mount an insect screen on every type of door, including those with non-standard dimensions and of unusual design. For this reason, it is a solution that is gaining more and more popularity - its multifunctionality and versatility are perfectly suited for any situation. The construction of pleated insect screens is somewhat reminiscent of the construction of traditional pleated roller nets - the characteristic accordion structure and the way of folding and unfolding all contribute not only to its exceptionally aesthetic appearance, but also to the ease and speed of its operation. The pleated fly screen can be unrolled and rolled up in just a few moments and, importantly, it does not restrict the freedom of use of the door. When unrolled, it completely covers the desired space while maintaining its geometric design. In addition, it is resistant to abrasion and external factors such as rain, hail, snow or wind.

The mesh in a pleated fly screen

An undeniable advantage of pleated insect screens is the net, which does not limit visibility and is resistant to damage. The mesh of a pleated insect screen has a small mesh size, which physically prevents insects from entering the house or flat. In addition, it is designed in such a way that it allows fresh air to circulate freely, making it possible to spend hot days and evenings with the door open without having to worry about all sorts of insects entering the house.

Aluminium frame of the insect screen

The whole construction of the pleated fly screens is held together by a sturdy frame made of extruded aluminium. This material is characterised by both high strength and flexibility. It is powder-coated for colour fastness. It comes in many shades of the entire RAL palette. This allows it to be matched to the colour of the window frames or interior design.

Pleated insect screen - price

The price of a pleated insect screen depends mainly on its length and width and colour. The additional cost will also include any accessories chosen for the insect screen.

You can find insect screens accessories here:

Insect screen accessories

All insect screens at Aikon Distribution are individually priced. If you want to find out the price of an insect screen that will fit your window or door, please contact our salesman.


Pleated insect screen