Roller shutters controls

Electric roller shutters

Electric roller shutters

Our offer includes a wide range of automatic operation's solutions controlled by wires or by radio. We possess motors of diversified lengths, fitting to different weights of the curtains....

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Somfy roller shutters

Somfy roller shutters

Integrated, wireless service of roller shutters, awnings, blinds, gateways, garage doors but also front doors, roof windows, heating and lighting.

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Roller shutters controls

Installing roller shutters in your premises has many advantages. These include strengthening anti-burglary protection, ensuring privacy, protecting against excessive heat and improving the thermal comfort of your home. However, in order to make the right investment in roller shutters, in addition to choosing the right variant, the roller shutter control is also important. It should be comfortable and suit our lifestyle.

Roller shutter controls - available control systems

The selection of the type of control is a very important decision to be made when purchasing roller shutters. This is because the comfort and convenience of use will depend on it.

There are several ways to steer the roller shutters:

1. Manual control - the mechanism uses a tape or a crank. This is the cheapest solution, used for each roller shutter separately. The user manually lowers or raises the roller shutter.

2. Cable control - using a wall transmitter.

3. Radio control - by wall transmitter or remote control.

4. Smart Home - control by phone, tablet or computer. All you need is internet access and a dedicated app.

Manual control of roller shutters - traditional solution

Manual control is the most economical option for controlling roller shutters. You can set the roller shutter in motion by manually pulling the cord or turning a crank. Each roller shutter is operated individually, and each time it is lowered or raised, your physical effort is required.

The unquestionable advantage of this solution is the low cost and simplicity of construction. Manual control of roller shutters does not depend on possible power failures which may affect more modern equivalents.

However, this method of operation is becoming less and less popular, mainly due to two factors. The first is the aesthetics of the controls, which do not always fit in with some interior decorations. The second is the low level of comfort of use, requiring effort and considerable time of their users, especially when we have a larger number of roller shutters installed.

Electric control of roller shutters - for your comfort

This is currently the most popular option for controlling roller shutters. This is dictated by the extreme convenience of this solution. With the electric roller shutters control, it is possible to open and close the roller shutters with a single button on the roller shutter control. The electric control makes it possible to centrally control the roller shutters even all over the house.

When deciding on an electric roller shutter control, we can choose whether the control device will connect by cable or radio transmitter. Each of these solutions has different control devices, which significantly affects the comfort of operation.

Cable connection - wall-mounted transmitter

The cable connection allows the roller shutter to be controlled via a wall-mounted push button at the window. Depending on the individual controllers, between one and three roller shutters can be connected to one switch, allowing group control of the roller shutters. Due to the necessity to connect cables during installation, it is advisable to choose the cable control of roller shutters at the stage of house design or, for example, when replacing the joinery. Otherwise, the installation of the roller shutters will involve additional renovation costs.

Radio connection - wall-mounted transmitter

This variant for controlling roller shutters works in exactly the same way as with a cable connection. However, in contrast to cable switches, the decision to install it can be taken at any time, as installation does not require forging the walls of the building.

Radio connection - roller shutter remote control

The remote control for roller shutters is by far the most convenient roller shutter control option of the solutions mentioned so far. With the mobile remote control, lowering and raising the roller shutters is possible from anywhere in the house.

Smart Home - Modern remote control system for roller shutters

Those who want even greater operating comfort and automation of their roller shutters can connect them to a smart home system. This provides a range of modern solutions, including the ability to control the roller shutters via a smartphone, tablet or laptop via a mobile app or web browser. Thanks to such a control system, the roller shutters can be managed while you are at home, but also while you are outside. An additional advantage of this solution is the option of time-programmed operation and grouping of individual shutters. It is also worth emphasizing that the IO - Homecontrol Intelligent system can also be combined with the operation of entrance and garage gates, heating or lighting.

Electric roller shutters can also be equipped with:

- weather sensors
- a simulator of the presence of the residents during their absence
- a self-learning system, remembering the user's daily behavior and automatically recreating the daily schedule.

What type of control for roller shutters shall I choose?

There is no clear answer to this question. Each type of control for roller shutters has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the type of control, several factors should be taken into account, including the number of roller shutters in the room and the entire building, the budget available and the subsequent comfort of use.

A manual roller shutter control system is easy to install and maintain, and is the cheapest of all possible options. It allows easy adjustment of the degree of lowering of the roller blinds, but requires individual adjustment for each window, and can therefore be less convenient and time-consuming with a larger number of shutters.

Electric roller shutters controls, on the other hand, allow one or more shutters to be controlled at the same time using a wall switch or remote control, and when connected to a wi-fi network, allow control by phone, tablet or computer. However, they are more expensive and more difficult to install, but compensate for this with comfort, convenience and speed of operation.

Controlling roller shutters at Aikon Distribution

At Aikon Distribution, a wide range of both cable and radio-controlled controls are available. We also offer a state-of-the-art Intelligent Home IO control system - Homecontrol. In this solution, its management takes place via a phone or computer with a TaHoma solution installed.

Are you interested in buying roller shutters or do not know which control system to choose - contact our sales team.


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