Balinese style

Born out of inspiration from the island of Bali, Balinese style has been taking the interior design market by storm in recent years. It is one of the most charming trends in interior design. Relaxed, warm and exotic. What else characterises the Balinese style? How can you arrange your home or flat to feel like you're on this delightful island every day? Let's find out!

Balinese style - where does it come from?

Bali is an Indonesian island in the archipelago of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Because of its unique climate, charm and landscape, it attracts people from all over the world. It is associated with fascinating nature, wonderful beaches, tranquillity and happiness. Many look with envy towards this picturesque island somewhere in the ocean. After all, a good aura, beautiful natural circumstances and fascinating harmony seem like the ideal way to live successfully. No wonder, then, that the Balinese style is so eagerly invited into homes and flats.

Balinese style - the perfect combination of exoticism and naturalness

The Balinese style is characterised by simplicity, which captivates with its warmth and cosiness. It is a perfect combination of naturalness with a hint of exoticism, which allows peace and harmony to be introduced into the interior. It is also a style that blurs or cleverly hides the boundaries between the outside and the inside world. For this to happen, however, certain principles of this style must be observed.

Balinese style - what sets it apart?

Rich vegetation

Balinese-style interiors abound in large-leaved plants such as palms, orchids, monstera and dangling ferns, which bring a tropical island feel to the space.

Balinese interior design

Colours of the earth

Balinese style interiors feature a natural colour scheme based on earthy colours and raw fabric colours.

What colours suit the Balinese style?

The most popular shades in Balinese interiors are warm and broken white. Shades of brown are also a frequent colour choice. The colours that appear in the décor in the form of accessories, such as textiles, plants or bowls and pots, are usually green, but also black and white, apricot and peach. Of course, accessories in neutral beige are also popular.

Natural materials

The materials used in the log style must not be overly processed and should carry the natural, raw qualities of the material in question. The most commonly used materials are therefore timber, linen, rattan, bamboo, reed or palm leaves.

Balinese-style interior and accessories


The Balinese style likes open spaces that introduce a sense of freedom and liberty. Balinese-style surroundings are not restraining, but freeing, calming, allowing you to catch your breath.

Furniture, decoration and accessories

Balinese-style furniture should be made from exotic timbers such as rattan, teak or bamboo. Decorated with delicate details and natural finishes. Ornaments and accessories should also form a harmonious whole with the interior, rather than overwhelming it. Airy fabrics, macramé, straw ornaments and openwork lamps are therefore great.

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And if you are looking for windows for a house or apartment that has just been decorated in this way - please contact our sales department. We will be happy to advise you on which windows and doors to choose.


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