PVC/ALU front door panels

Economic Line

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New Line

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Vizual are panels of modern style and timeless simplicity. Clean-looking fillings that do not need to be accompanied by other decorative elements.  Advantages of Vizual door...

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PVC/ALU front door panels

PVC/ALU front door panels are a combination of highly durable and resistant aluminium with the functional and recently fashionable PVC. Thanks to this combination, PVC/ALU door panels are durable, provide excellent thermal and insulating protection, and are characterised by very good safety and burglar protection properties. In addition, they form the ideal decoration for any home.

PVC/ALU panel doors

PVC/ALU panel doors are constructed from aluminium panel, polystyrene hard foam and PVC panel. This means that the door panel is aluminium on one side and plastic on the other. In addition, the panel can be fitted with decorative double or triple glazing.

There is a choice of more than a dozen models of decorative glass with different designs. There are panes with geometric patterns, nature-inspired motifs, classic ornaments and minimalist forms. Such a wide choice guarantees a match to different architectural styles and individual tastes.

Take a look at the ornamental glass available from Aikon Distribution:


PVC/ALU door panels - a wide selection of models

The PVC/ALU door panels available at Aikon Distribution are fashionable, aesthetically pleasing and highly tasteful, making them the perfect answer to current trends in modern building design.

We offer many models of PVC/ALU door panels in a wide range of wood or metal imitation veneers and solid RAL colours. The high-quality veneers can be smooth or structured. Depending on your needs, you can veneer the entire frame and sash or only the selected side - external or internal. It is also possible to use different veneer colours on both sides, allowing you to match the outside of the window to the style of the facade and the other side to the interior design, which can have a completely different character.

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