Front door flush panels

Front door flush panels

Front door flush panels

Flush panel doors have unique and modern look as the panel covers leaf frame. Flush door panels also enhance door thermal performance.

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Front door flush panels

Recently, exterior doors have been officially promoted to the role of one of the key decorative elements of the house, and manufacturers are outdoing themselves in proposing their designs, colours and textures. This is not surprising, after all, modern homes require an appropriate setting right from the entrance. There are also many door panels to choose from, including flush door panels.

Flush door panels - what is it?

To find out what flush door panels are, we first need to clarify the definition of a door panel. Well, in addition to the frame, fittings and other structural elements, a door sash has an infill, which many of us commonly understand as a 'door'.

It is this element that we refer to in the construction industry as a door panel. Aluminium door panels are available in two variants: aluminium sandwich door panels and flush door panels.

You can read about aluminium sandwich door panels here:


We will discuss more about flush door panels below.

What is a construction of flush door panels?

Flush door panels are constructed from 2.0 mm aluminium sheet, 20 mm polyurethane foam and 2.0 mm aluminium sheet. They differ from panel doors as these high-quality panels cover the entire sash frame. This results in smooth elegant, beautiful finished surfaces, with no visual structural 'interference' ('sash profiles') hidden inside. The door frame itself remains visible and the sash is consistent and extremely aesthetically pleasing.

The flush exterior doors infill is available in two variants: single-sided and double-sided. In the first option, it is possible to hide the sash joinings from the outside. In the second option, it is possible to hide the joints from the outside and the inside.

Why to choose flush panel door?

Flush exterior doors are often more expensive than panel doors. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why it is worth opting for flush panels. Firstly, flush panels make the door more comfortable to use and easier to clean. Secondly, doors with a flush panel have even better thermal insulation properties, which is crucial for those building passive and energy-efficient houses. Thirdly, the flush panel is very aesthetically pleasing and looks like a standard premium entrance door. It is also ideal for minimalist, design-led projects, where the 'concealment fashion' is truly triumphing in popularity.

If you still have questions about whether to choose a flush panel for your door, please contact our sales team. He will answer all your queries and be happy to help you with your choice.


Front door flush panels