A set of samples and templates

Cooperation between architects and building materials distribution companies plays a key role in the accomplishment of ambitious architectural projects. One such company is Aikon Distribution, which not only offers a wide selection of high-quality joinery, but also provides architects with easy access to samples and pattern books, facilitating the design process.

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Availability of Samples and Sample books: Inspiration for your Project

At Aikon Distribution, we understand how important it is for architects to be able to experience materials and products first-hand before making design decisions. That is why the company actively supports architects by providing them with access to a wide range of samples and sample books that can be directly used in the design process. This enables architects to assess quality, texture and colours, enabling them to make the best choices in line with their vision.

Aikon Box: A Convenient Solution for Your Office

One of the most innovative solutions offered by Aikon Distribution is the Aikon Box - this box provides architects with easy access to samples, sample books and selected profile triangles without having to leave the office. It is a convenient solution that saves architects time and energy, allowing them to focus on the creative design process.

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Working with Aikon Distribution: Guaranteeing Quality and Professionalism

Aikon Distribution is not only a supplier of joinery, but also a partner that cares about the satisfaction of its business associates. With years of experience and solid relationships with the best manufacturers, the company ensures that architects have access to the best quality products that meet the highest industry standards. Working with Aikon Distribution is a guarantee of professionalism, reliability and comprehensive support at every stage of a project.
If you are an architect looking for a proven joinery partner, then Aikon Distribution is the right choice. The availability of samples, sample books and innovative solutions such as Aikon Box make the design process more efficient and rewarding.

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