Solutions for modern architectural projects

Modern construction is different from the building projects of yesteryear - and we are well aware of this. Modern designs for houses, flats or office buildings are primarily focused on functionality - every external and internal finishing and furnishing element is selected with the users' comfort in mind. And so is the joinery offered by Aikon Distribution - it embellishes the projects and makes life easier.

Architect, we have window solutions for modern architectural projects

Aikon Distribution offers a wide range of modern and functional joinery products to architects and designers.

Modern architectural plans - energy-efficient buildings

One of the features that distinguish modern architectural designs is the energy efficiency of the buildings - this is basically the defining feature of our time. It is very important that a building does not take in or give off too much heat so that it does not generate additional costs.

Energy-efficient windows, which Aikon Distribution offers its customers, guarantee very high insulation and tightness in terms of air permeability and water tightness. They effectively prevent the "escape" of heat from inside the building and protect against draughts. They are excellent solutions for passive houses.

We offer energy-efficient windows made of PVC, aluminium and timber.

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Modern construction is ecological construction

Green building is based on the idea of sustainable development. Therefore, an eco-friendly building should be constructed of natural, non-toxic materials. It must fit in with the natural landscape.

Aikon Distribution, for its customers looking for ecological solutions, offers windows and doors made of TIMBER. It is a proven, natural and fully ecological material which, thanks to increasingly modern production technologies, meets high technical requirements, as well as being durable and easy to maintain.

See our offer of timber windows and doors:

timber windows

Timber front doors

Timber sliding doors

Modern designs - rich glazing

Modern architectural designs are also distinguished by the use of large glazing. A simple block with sufficiently large windows, often glass walls, offers two benefits: maximum interior light and minimum heat loss.

Large glazings by Aikon Distribution

Bring your ambitious design visions to life with our support

We provide advice, drawing on our many years of experience in the joinery market. We are available from the beginning to the end of your project. We help you find non-standard solutions, promote customized solutions and undertake even the most sophisticated projects.

We have many more options at our disposal that are perfectly in line with the idea of modern homes. We encourage you to take a look at our other products and contact our sales consultant.


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