Aluminium front door panels

Door panels Classic Line

The Classic Line is a timeless collection that never goes out of fashion. These are some of the most popular aluminium panels in our range. Classic Line - Advantages...

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Door panels Top Line

Top Line door panels are the most luxurious group of aluminium door panels in our range. Top Line - Specification Top Line door panels consist of special aluminium frames...

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Door panels Fashion Line

Fashion Line is a group of aluminium panels designed to look unique and modern. It is a series that is almost ideal for customers with refined tastes who value originality. Fashion...

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Door panels Prestige Line

Simple lines, original design and very fashionable decorative elements make the Prestige Line aluminium door panels unique. They give the building and the rooms a modern look. It is certainly...

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Door panels Lacobel Line

Modernity, style and elegance are words that describe Lacobel Line door panels. Indeed, this latest collection of aluminium door panels is designed to meet the expectations of even the most...

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Modern Line door panels

Modern Line door panels combine safe and durable aluminium with beautiful and timeless timber. This is because the Modern Line models are enriched with natural timber decors or vertical laths...

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Extra Line door panels

Door panels in this series are only available in the solid version, without glazing, with the possibility of using aluminium sheet of different thicknesses (2, 3 or 5 mm). Extra Line...

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Aluminium front door panels

Aluminium front door panels are very strong and corrosion resistant. They also withstand degradation processes caused by external factors such as moisture, rain, snow or extremes of cold and heat.

Aluminium front door panels - advantages

Advantages of aluminium panelled doors

    • Long life span
    • High strength
    • Durability and stability
    • Excellent thermal insulation properties
    • Timeless design
    • Sash frame overlay possible
    • Easy maintainance

Aluminium door panels

Construction of an aluminium door panel

Aluminium front door panels are the most durable option when choosing door panels. Aluminium is currently one of the best materials used for panels, its properties are excellent in virtually every respect.

Aluminium door panels are made up of three layers: a first aluminium layer, a polystyrene hard foam infill and a second aluminium layer. They can be varnished in any RAL colour. On special order, it is also possible to make the door panels in timber-like colours or even in colours imitating brass, silver, gold or rust.

Find out more about the colours of aluminium door panels here:


Aluminium door panels can also be fitted with all sorts of extras and accessories. These include decorative and ornamental glass. Aikon Distribution offers more than a dozen models of ornamental glass made from high-quality glass.

Find out more about glazing and ornaments here:


You can read about other accessories for aluminium door panels here:


Aluminium door panels UK

Aikon Distribution offers aluminium door panels to match the trends in the UK. We have many models of aluminium door panels, which can be fitted with, among other things, a peephole, a knocker, a letterbox, decorative glass and, of course, a handle or handrail. Aluminium door panels UK can be chosen from a wide range of designs, from traditional classics to original and even extravagant styles. In some models, multiple colours, glazing and even steel or timber decorations can be combined. As a result, doors with such panels easily adapt to both a modern building and an 'old' house. Very importantly, aluminium door panels are also suitable for passive houses or timber buildings thanks to their excellent insulating properties.

If you are interested in purchasing an aluminium door panel, please contact our sales team: