Japandi style

Elegance and simplicity - Discover the beauty of Japandi style

When looking for balance and tranquillity in interiors, the Japandi style is becoming an increasingly popular choice. This neat combination of Japanese simplicity and Scandinavian elegance not only impresses with its aesthetic minimalism, but also reflects deeper values of functionality and closeness to nature.

Natural materials in Japandi interiors

Japandi interiors use natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, stone, wicker and, above all, timber, which dominates the arrangements. Wooden furniture and floors, and sometimes even walls are lined with timber panels, giving the interiors a modern feel.

Not only the furniture, but also the fabrics in Japandi style should be made of natural materials such as linen or cotton. Both Japanese and Scandinavian design styles promote harmony with nature, making natural materials key elements of the Japandi beauty.

The Japandi style home - key featuresi

The Japandi style avoids unnecessary objects and superfluous decorations. The focus is on functional elements and those that are really needed. Utility items dominate such interiors, eliminating unnecessary clutter and excess.

Distinctive features of the style are:

Minimalism: Simple, clean lines and minimalist forms.
Natural materials: Use of timber (cedar, cypress, larch), rattan, bamboo, stone, linen and cotton.
Neutral colour scheme: Predominance of muted colours such as white, grey, beige and soft pastels.
Light and space: Large windows that let in plenty of natural light and open space that promotes the flow of energy.
Harmony with nature: Integration of the interior with the surrounding natural environment.
Functionality: Simple and well designed furniture and accessories that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.
Tranquillity and balance: The japandi style promotes an atmosphere of calm and harmony in domestic interiors.
Gentle accents: Accents and details, carefully selected, such as handmade objects made from natural materials, which add character and depth to the interior.

Who is the Japandi style for?

Those who appreciate functionality above all else, are not keen on flashy colours and prefer minimalist but cosy interiors will certainly find the Japandi style to their liking. The style is distinguished by a harmonious combination of simplicity of form and elegance, which makes interiors decorated in this way both calm and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Japandi interior style

Choosing windows for the Japandi interior

Windows play a key role in an interior decorated in this style. They should not only be functional, but also blend harmoniously with the rest of the décor.

Characteristics of the style include:

1. Minimalist design

Windows should be simple and minimalist in form, without unnecessary ornaments or complicated details. Windows with simple forms made of materials such as timber or aluminium are ideal.

timber windows

aluminium windows

2. Natural light

The Japandi style attaches great importance to natural light. Windows should be large enough to let in a lot of daylight, which further emphasises the space and openness of the room. This is where panoramic windows will work well, allowing you to enjoy the view of the surrounding nature.

Modern panoramic windows and doors

3. Connection to the surroundings

A good choice would be sliding windows, which create a seamless flow between the interior and the surrounding landscape. They allow us to enjoy beautiful views of nature, which is an important element in both Japanese and Scandinavian traditions.

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wood sliding doors

Aluminium sliding doors

4. Functionality and insulation

Let's not forget the practical aspects either. Windows should be energy efficient, providing adequate thermal and acoustic insulation.


The Japandi style is not only beautiful to look at, but also promotes harmonious living in the interior. Choosing the right windows is key to achieving the desired aesthetic and functional effect. Let's make sure they are in line with the philosophy of minimalism, natural materials and functionality that are the foundation of this unique style.
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