Veka window systems

Veka is a German brand of window systems. The company owes its significant development, among others, to the fact that it also produces in Poland. VEKA profiles systems have been recognised on the market for years and enjoy a great reputation. Customer feedback indicates that VEKA is one of the best brands of PVC profiles available on the market. VEKA has 50 years of experience and is the undisputed pioneer in the production of window and door systems. The advanced technologies used by VEKA make it possible to produce ever more perfect and state-of-the-art windows.

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VEKA profiles systems

VEKA profiles - colours

VEKA profiles are offered in many colour variants. In addition to classic white, we can find timber-like patterns, imitating metal. It is also possible to varnish them on one or both sides in RAL colours.

The colour effects are of very high quality, weather-resistant and perfectly finished. They thus meet the requirements of every customer.

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Veka - Certificates

Veka are PVC profiles that come with a number of certificates that prove their quality:

- RAL quality mark - which is awarded by quality specialists for plastic window systems

- Class A - given to the profiles by RAL standards

- Conformity with the European window standard EN 14351

- Hygiene and fire protection approvals

- ISO 9001:2000 certification, which is awarded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen DQS GmbH.

Veka is the mark for the highest quality window profiles, which are recognised in every corner of the world. They have been manufactured in Poland for over 20 years and have the same quality as those manufactured in Germany, Spain, Denmark, etc. Buying VEKA products you can be sure of their highest class.

VEKA Systems UK - Profile types

The Veka brand is the leading uPVC supplier in the UK market. It is one of the best known brands in the industry and uses its position and experience to design, develop and manufacture some of the best window and door systems in the world.

Veka UK has a reputation as a stable and measured manufacturer as it creates leading, popular and reliable products.

Alphaline - is the first mass-produced profile system with an installation depth of 90 mm. Minimises energy consumption in the building. Combines classic design and effective thermal insulation.

Effectline - is VEKA's first 5-chamber profile system designed for general residential and office construction. This profile provides the necessary thermal and acoustic insulation at a favourable purchase price.

Softline - is a modern, proven and versatile line of window profiles. The gentle, rounded edges give VEKA Softline windows a touch of classic elegance.

VEKA PVC Systems

According to the PN-EN 12608 standard, VEKA profiles are included in the highest class A.  The external walls of such profiles must be 3 mm thick and the width of the internal chambers must be at least 5 mm. These are key parameters for the stability of the windows and their durability. No less important is the composition of the PVC compound. A customer deciding on windows or doors made of VEKA profiles may be sure that they are of the highest class. Profiles made from lower grade material are more prone to sagging.

VEKA profiles are distinguished by their comfortable handling and rich design. And technically they are renowned for energy savings, long-term durability and safety. Veka PVC is the perfect choice for private homes but not only. Veka is the ideal solution for places where high quality and functionality combined with perfect appearance are required.

When you choose VEKA profiles at Aikon Distribution, you can tailor them individually to the needs of your project. We guarantee that you will receive the highest quality product and service.