Windows for basement

The majority of residential buildings have a basement. This type of room is mainly artificially lit, but often has natural light. If only because it is a room that is partly underground, a window for a basement should not be typical.

Basement windows from the UK - key features

Windows for a basement should fulfil several very important functions. The basement window should not be too small as it is responsible for letting light into the room. At the same time, it should be sized to suit the needs of the room, as it is extremely important to maintain the right temperature in the basement. This is particularly important if the cellar is to be used as a living space rather than as a typical commercial space.

The window for the basement is intended to act as a barrier against attempts to break in. Its strength should be its durability and resistance to mechanical damage. Insulation against noise and weather conditions is also an important function of a basement window. Therefore, it is best if it is made of high-quality materials.

Types of basement windows

When it comes to choosing basement windows, there are many to choose from. Here are the most popular ones.

Side-hung windows for basements

Side-hung basement windows are the most classic choice. It is possible to make this type of basement window in a variety of shapes - arched, round, trapezoidal or the most common rectangular.

Up-and-over basement windows

This kind of window for a basement will only tilt to a certain extent, allowing the room to be ventilated, thanks to a special system. In the case of a basement, this type of window eliminates the possibility of it being used as a sluice to load firewood or other items through the window. Basement up-and-over windows open in the middle of the room.

FIX basement window

The FIX basement windows is have no handle or an opening mechanism. This type of window does not allow for ventilation of the room, as it cannot be opened, but it provides protection against light and noise from outside. They are the best choice if you do not need to open a window in your basement.

Basement ventilated window

A ventilated window for a basement is an aid to maintaining adequate air circulation in the room. The windows are fitted with special vents that allow the air circulation in the basement to be controlled without opening or tilting the entire window.

Cellar windows with bars

There is also a type of window with special bars mounted on the outside of the window. These basement windows provide additional security against a thief, but also against other quite common situations. For example, the bars can be used to prevent children from hitting the window with a ball they are playing with in the garden. A basement window with bars will not be in use if it is to be a means of loading items into the room.

Standard basement window

What does a standard window for the basement look like? There is really no good answer to this question. The dimensions of the basement window should be such that the room gets enough light and as much ventilation as possible. At the same time, the basement window must meet security standards against unwanted intrusion. The most important thing is to choose a window according to the purpose of the room itself. If the basement is a frequently used room, such as a workshop or gym, it is best to choose a window that is as large as possible. If, on the other hand, the cellar is only used for storing or storing food, a small window that allows ventilation will suffice. The window also becomes a way of loading things into the room - provided it can be opened. This saves time and energy when moving things from the car to the basement, for example. So a standard window for a basement is a safe and functional window.

Which windows for a basement to choose?

When installing basement windows, choose quality models. What should you look out for?

  • Safety - The basement window should be a protection against burglars. It is worth having a strong construction with resistant glazing. In some cases, special bars are even installed.
  • Size - The window for the basement should be as large as it can be. This will allow more light into the room. However, the strength of the walls and the whole building structure must be taken into account.
  • Ease of use - the method of opening and closing the basement window should be not only ergonomic, but also safe.
  • Insulation - basement windows should be a guarantee of insulation against the weather.

Aesthetics - the windows for the basement are also a part of the facade of the building, so they have to match the style of the building. Of course, in this case, aesthetics should not take precedence over the functionality of basement windows.

Basement windows - what material should they be made of?

The basement windows can be made of the same materials as the windows for the rooms in our houses.

PVC basement windows

The most common choice for windows for a basement is PVC. It is a solid material at an optimal price. In addition, their appearance can be easily adapted to the rest of the windows in the building - by colour and shape.


Steel or aluminium basement windows?

We link solid steel basement windows with security and basement windows with bars. At Aikon Distribution we offer a selection of aluminium basement windows. As with PVC windows, they have great potential to match the rest of the windows in the building in terms of aesthetics. Aluminium basement windows are also durable and comfortable.

Aluminium windows

The window for a basement is an element that is often neglected, and this is a serious mistake - especially if it will be a frequently used room. The cellar can be a storage room, a place for preserves, a small workshop for DIY. Depending on what the purpose of the cellar is, we will fit windows into the cellar. Light will certainly be useful, and daylight will save at least a little on your electricity bill.

Choosing windows for your basement? Choose the best solution for your needs in consultation with our advisor.

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