The Provence style

The charm of the South in every detail

The Provencal style is not only a form of interior design, but also a unique way of building that transports us to sunny Provence. It is distinguished by a harmony between tradition and simplicity, exuding warmth and idyllic tranquillity. In this article, we take a look at the Provençal style, focusing on the colour scheme, decoration, and the unique approach to windows and doors.

The colour scheme of Provence: the colours of the sun and the green of the vine

Provence is famous for its picturesque landscapes, where a golden field of wheat mixes with the green of the vineyards. The Provençal style in architecture reflects these colours, making the white walls of the buildings contrasted by intense shades of blue, purple, gold and green. The Provençal colour scheme is a true feast for the senses, where every detail matters. Interiors in this style exude warmth and tranquillity, creating a cosy haven in harmony with nature.

Provencal decoration: sensual softness

Decorations in the Provencal style are intricately crafted details that add a unique touch to interiors. Pastel-coloured ceramics, rustic timber furniture and handmade fabrics are all integral elements of this style. Floral motifs, ceramic crockery and delicate lace add a sensual softness, creating an atmosphere of idyllic elegance. The Provençal style is the art of balancing functionality and beauty, where every element has its place and meaning.

Provencal windows: light and lightness of form

In the Provencal style, windows play an extremely important role. They are distinguished by their lightness of form, often with light frames that allow as much natural light as possible to enter the interior. It is common to find windows that open outwards, adding to the charm of traditional Provençal buildings. Roller blinds or curtains in delicate patterns or pastel colours fit perfectly with the atmosphere of this style, giving the rooms a subtle charm and idyllic feel.

Doors in the Provencal style: timber and wrought iron ornaments

Provençal style doors are usually timber, often with natural faults and cracks visible, adding to the charm of a centuries-old building. Wrought iron ornaments, such as decorative hinges or handles, give the doors a distinctive look. Bi-fold doors are often found, which are reminiscent of traditional Provençal gates. The colour scheme of the doors is usually subdued, matching the overall colour scheme of a Provençal interior.

Provence at your fingertips

The Provencal style in architecture is all about the harmony of colours, the delicacy of decoration and the subtle elegance of windows and doors. Appropriately selected elements give the interiors the atmosphere of sunny Provence, transporting us into a magical world of peace and charm of the southern landscape. Windows and doors in the Provencal style are not only practical architectural elements, but also key components that give buildings their unique character. The Provençal style is not just a trend, it is true living in harmony with nature and tradition.

Matching windows and doors to the Provence climate at Aikon Distribution

In order to create a complete picture of the Provençal style, it is important to choose the right windows to highlight the beauty of this aesthetic. As a leader in the window and door industry, Aikon Distribution understands the unique needs of customers looking for the perfect Provençal-style finish. Working with Aikon Distribution opens the door to creating interiors in line with the latest trends, while retaining the traditional atmosphere of Provence.

Our specialists are ready to meet the most demanding customer expectations. Thanks to our wide range of windows, including those that match the Provencal style, you will have the opportunity to tailor your product to your specific ideas about the character of your interior.

At Aikon Distribution, we know that it's the details that make the difference, which is why we offer not only high-quality windows, but also professional help in selecting them. Thanks to our cooperation, the Provencal style can become not only an inspiration, but a reality in your home. Trust the experts at Aikon Distribution and enjoy the harmony and charm of an interior that will transport you to the magical atmosphere of sunny Provence.


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