Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style has conquered the world of interiors and is now firmly established in our homes and flats. The Scandinavian style is very versatile, seemingly austere, but at the same time cosy with the right accessories. We like its simplicity, purity of form and muted colours. We like to design our dining room, living room or bedroom in this style. Let's take a look at some window suggestions that will fit in with this minimalist style.

What are the characteristics of the Scandinavian style?

The Scandinavian style originates from Northern Europe, whose climate is associated with cold and wildness. The main feature of the Scandinavian style is therefore a strong connection to nature. Added to this are simplicity of form, minimalism and naturalness.

The simple and comfortable Scandinavian style works well in small flats as well as in houses. Its light colours optically enlarge the interior, and the raw wood warms it up.

So what are the main features of Scandinavian style?

  • Natural materials - wood is one of the most important. Stone also plays an important role.
  • Light colours - the basic colour base of the Scandinavian style are light, neutral colours. The main colour scheme includes white, beige and light shades of grey.
  • Ergonomic forms and distinctive patterns - geometric patterns and clear designs combined with strong, contrasting colours.
  • Fabrics - the Scandinavian style likes natural materials such as cotton, linen and jute. Thick-weave plaids also work well as accessories.


Architectural Style Guide - Which windows for a Scandinavian interior?

Scandinavian design in window joinery

Large glazing

As the Scandinavian style loves natural light, it is certainly worth betting on large glazings, through which a large dose of sunlight will fall. Such large windows will further optically enlarge the space and make the room seem larger.

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Scandinavian style windows

Bright colours

For a Northern-inspired style, white window frames go best with light-coloured walls and whitewashed furniture.

Not only white

However, Scandinavian style windows are not only white - wooden windows or light wood-like veneer will fit in well with this style.

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timber windows

Scandinavian profile

Speaking of Scandinavian style windows, it is impossible not to mention windows based on the Scandinavian profile.

Scandinavian windows are timber windows designed with the requirements of the Scandinavian, British and Irish markets in mind, where outward opening windows dominate. Such a solution allows the traditional window aesthetics characteristic of these regions to be maintained, while paying attention to high safety standards. Scandinavian windows are ideal for people who live in windy areas or who are concerned about high levels of airtightness.

You can read more about Scandinavian windows on our website:


How to arrange Scandinavian style windows?

As we mentioned, Scandinavian style interiors love light - so light, airy, smooth curtains made of very fine cotton or muslin, necessarily in a light colour, are ideal. Fine blinds or roller blinds in beige or light grey would also be a good choice.

Although the Scandinavian style is based on minimalism, this does not mean that, apart from curtains or blinds, we cannot afford other decorations. However, we must be careful not to overdo it - glass lanterns or accessories made of stone or wood work well in windows. Remember also that decorations must be functional. There is no room for superfluous elements in Scandinavian rooms.

If you are interested in buying windows, need help or advice on what windows to choose - contact our sales advisor, who will be happy to help you choose the perfect windows.


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