Kitchen windows

The joinery of the window is one of the most important elements in the kitchen. Modern kitchen windows allow us to relax over a cup of coffee and make breakfast or lunch a pleasure. For this reason, it is worth thinking very carefully about which model of kitchen window to choose, so that the choice we make will be completely satisfactory and the window will serve us as well and for as long as possible.

Kitchen windows - comfort and functionality

One of the most important functions of a kitchen window is the comfort of the room. Not only do the windows in the kitchen provide a source of sunlight (as mentioned above), but it also aids the ventilation system and contributes to the aesthetics of our kitchen. Increased humidity and temperature make air exchange the main function of the window in this room. Therefore, when choosing a window for the kitchen, we should take into account the characteristics and layout of this room, paying attention to the size of the structure and the way the window opens.

Non-opening, tilting or tilt-and-turn windows for the kitchen?

Which kitchen windows should you choose to make the ktichen practical and functional?

There are many window models on the market with different opening and closing options.

The most commonly chosen window for the kitchen is the tilt and turn solution. As the name suggests, they can be opened for washing, for example. They can also be tilted to ventilate the room.

Non-opening ones, which are simply impractical in small apartments with a single window in the kitchen, are the least likely to be chosen. Of course, if our kitchen has several windows, one of them may not be able to be opened. However, the floor we live on should be taken into account. Ground floor windows, even fixed ones, are easy to clean, if only from the outside. If you live above the ground floor, however, it will be very difficult to clean kitchen windows that are not open.

The same is true when it comes to tilt and turn windows - these will also only work best on the ground floor.

Tilt and turn windows in the kitchen

Sliding kitchen windows

Another solution that we can use in the kitchen is a sliding window for the kitchen.

Comfort and functionality are guaranteed with sliding kitchen windows. The principle of operation is simple: you just have to move the sash without opening it inwards. A sliding window in the kitchen makes it possible to ventilate the room without having to move the objects that are on the windowsill or on the table - this is one of its greatest advantages. This allows for natural air exchange in the room, removing excess moisture from the kitchen.

Kitchen windows with fanlights

Windows with a fanlight are ideal for kitchens with very high ceilings. They can provide extra ventilation and bring light into the room.

There are non-opening fanlights (fixed type), tilt and turn fanlights on the market.

However, fanlights for kitchen windows that are positioned high up are difficult to access and cannot be opened using a traditional handle. Typically, manual fanlight openers are used, but automation, i.e. electric window operators, is increasingly being used. The most common way to operate these is with a wall mounted switch.

Modern kitchen windows

Timber, aluminium or PVC windows?

It is also very important to choose the right material for your kitchen window.

The material that has been used to make windows for the longest time, for many, many years, is wood. Its unusual appearance makes it the most suitable material for the design of classically decorated kitchens.

Timber windows in the kitchen

Aluminium windows, which look particularly good in modern and industrial kitchens, are the most modern kitchen windows.

PVC windows for the kitchen, on the other hand, are a compromise between the price and the quality. They withstand all the adverse factors that can occur in the kitchen. They are easy to use, as PVC frames are very easy to keep clean. The wide range of designs available and their aesthetic appearance mean that they can be easily integrated into virtually any kitchen.

See our range of kitchen windows:

Timber windows


pvc windows

Large kitchen windows

It is worth thinking about large, modern kitchen windows or even glazed walls, which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful view every day, when building a house in a charming environment. It is also a great solution for kitchen extensions where the kitchen is directly connected to the living or dining room. It is better to choose a window of a smaller size, which will still provide a sufficient amount of light, if the design of the house does not require such a large space.

Kitchen windows in the offer of Aikon Distribution

You will, of course, find the windows for the kitchen we mentioned above at Aikon Distribution. We offer both timber, aluminium and PVC windows. Tilt, tilt and turn and those that do not open - windows of type fix. You can order from us sliding windows and large glazing, and also windows with fanlights. In addition, we can match them with a roller shutter, venetian blind or insect screen. Seeking more inspirations for your projects? See what we think about different types of bedroom windows.

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