Triple glazed windows

Triple glazed windows are a modern solution that are gaining popularity in the field of architecture and construction. They offer a number of advantages over traditional double-glazed windows, making them increasingly favoured by home and flat owners.

The first major advantage of triple glazed windows is their excellent thermal insulation. This window design minimises thermal bridges and effectively protects against energy loss, resulting in lower heating costs in winter.

Another advantage of triple glazed windows is the excellent sound insulation. The additional glass acts as a sound barrier, reducing noise from outside and ensuring peace and quiet indoors. As a result, residents can enjoy comfort and relaxation, even if the house is located near a busy street or other sources of noise.

Triple glazed windows cost

The cost of triple glazed windows can be slightly higher compared to traditional double glazed windows, due to the use of extra glass and more advanced insulation technology. However, it is worth noting that this expense often pays for itself in the long term through savings on energy and heating costs. Choosing triple glazed windows can be an investment in a building's energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

The cost of triple glazed windows can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the type and brand of windows, the size, the material from which they are made and accessories such as security systems or special anti-burglary coatings. It is also worth considering the installation costs, which can vary on the region and the specifics of the building.

Nevertheless, the benefits that triple glazed windows offer in terms of thermal insulation, sound insulation, security and aesthetics often outweigh their initial cost. It is also important to consult a professional to find the best solution that is both effective and suited to your individual needs and budget. It's well worth investing in high quality triple glazed windows that will provide a durable and valuable addition to your home for years to come.

Triple glazed windows – price

As we wrote earlier, the price of triple glazed windows can vary depending on a number of factors - such as the type of window, the material used in its manufacture, size, accessories and brand.

The main type of triple glazed windows are uPVC (polyvinyl chloride) windows, which are popular for their good thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as their ease of maintenance. The price of triple glazed uPVC windows depends on a number of factors, such as the dimensions of the window, choice of profiles, colour, additional equipment and accessories. When buying uPVC triple glazed windows, you can find different offers in different price ranges, giving you a choice depending on your personal preferences and budget.

When it comes to triple glazed windows made of wood or aluminium, prices can be slightly higher than uPVC windows. Wood windows are highly aesthetic and natural looking, but require regular maintenance. Aluminium windows, on the other hand, stand out for their durability and weather resistance, but can be more expensive than the other options.

The price of triple glazed windows depends on many factors and can vary depending on your preferences and requirements. It is worth seeking specialist advice and making a considered choice, taking into account both your budget and the quality and long-term benefits that triple glazed windows offer in terms of thermal, acoustic insulation and energy efficiency.

Aluminium triple glazed windows

Triple glazed aluminium windows are an innovative solution that is becoming increasingly popular with designers, architects and homeowners. Made from high quality aluminium, these windows are characterised by excellent durability, aesthetics and energy efficiency.

One of the main advantages of triple glazed aluminium windows is their exceptional durability. Aluminium is a lightweight yet extremely strong material that is resistant to corrosion, deformation and damage. As a result, aluminium windows are stable and can support large glazings, maximising the use of natural light and providing a beautiful view of the outdoors.

High energy efficiency is another advantage of triple glazed aluminium windows. The third layer of glass and the insulating thermal baffles effectively reduce heat loss from the rooms, improving the energy efficiency of the building. As a result, triple glazed aluminium windows contribute to lower heating costs and ensure thermal comfort indoors, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Aesthetics are also an important aspect of triple glazed aluminium windows. With aluminium profiles, these windows can be available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to suit individual design preferences. Triple glazed aluminium windows also feature ease of maintenance. Aluminium, as a material, requires no painting or special maintenance. As a result, these windows are easy to clean and retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time.

Triple glazed aluminium windows are the perfect solution for those looking for a durable, aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient solution. Their choice contributes to increased living comfort, energy savings and adds to the visual appeal of the building.

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Triple glazed SASH window

The triple glazed sash window, also known as the English-style window, is an elegant and functional solution that is popular with lovers of traditional architecture and classic design. It features a unique design in which the movable window sashes are placed on vertical tracks and can be opened from both above and below.

One of the main advantages of the triple glazed sash window is its aesthetics. This style of window is often associated with a classic, elegant look that suits both historic and modern buildings. Triple glazed sash windows add charm and character to a façade, and their proportions are carefully designed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding architecture. Another advantage of triple glazed sash windows is their functionality. By being able to open from both the top and bottom, they allow precise regulation of the airflow in the room. Being able to open the top of the window allows warm air to be directed outwards, while allowing fresh air to be blown in from the bottom. This is particularly useful in summer periods when you want to provide ventilation without having to open the entire window.

Triple glazed sash windows are not only beautiful, but also functional. Their elegant design and ability to precisely regulate airflow make them the ideal choice for those who appreciate classic style and high quality workmanship. In addition, the excellent thermal and acoustic insulation of these windows contributes to the comfort and energy efficiency of the building.

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Triple glazed windows

An additional benefit of using a third glazing in windows is the increase in security. Triple glazed windows are more resistant to burglary because the third layer of glass provides an additional barrier to potential intruders.

Triple glazed windows are available in a variety of materials such as PVC, timber and aluminium, giving you a wide choice depending on your preferences and the style of your building. Various additional features can also be fitted, such as ventilation systems, internal blinds or special anti-burglary coatings to increase the functionality and security of the windows.

In summary, triple glazed windows are an innovative solution that contributes to the thermal, acoustic and security insulation of a building. Their choice can bring numerous benefits such as energy savings, thermal comfort, noise reduction and increased security.

If you want to choose triple glazed windows for your project, contact our specialist. With his or her help, you'll be able to choose windows that perfectly meet your needs.


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