Vintage style

Vintage Style in Architecture: A Return to the Charm of Bygone Years

The vintage style in architecture is a journey back in time to bygone eras that still delight with their unique charm and romantic atmosphere. It is distinguished above all by its retro beauty, the use of classic designs and materials that give buildings a unique character. In this article, we take a closer look at this unique style, focusing on its colours, decorations, as well as its characteristic elements such as windows and doors.

Vintage Colours: Subtle Pastels and Soft Shades

The vintage colour scheme is often based on subtle pastels and delicate shades, which give the interior a nostalgic charm. Grey, beige, mint, powder pink or soft blues are just some of the classic vintage colours. In vintage architecture, it is also worth experimenting with the use of muted earth colours and warm browns, which will emphasise the naturalness and authenticity of the style.

Vintage decoration: the elegance of bygone eras

In the vintage style, decoration plays a key role, giving the interior a distinctive charm. Furniture with delicate embellishments, Provençal-style mirrors and handmade fabrics are all integral elements of this style. In addition, retro accessories such as brass lamps, vintage paintings and porcelain figurines are also worth choosing to give your interiors a unique character.

Vintage Windows: Elegance in Details

Vintage style windows are often distinguished by elegant details and classic shapes. Timber frames, which can be decorated with carvings or ornaments, give the windows a unique character. Windows in typical vintage shapes such as arches or oval openings are also common. It is also important to choose the right colour of the window frames, which should blend in harmoniously with the overall facade.
The most spectacular and close to vintage style are retro timber windows.

See one of our finished projects in the article below.

Enchanting timber designs from Aikon Distribution warehouse

Vintage doors: a return to the elegance of years gone by

Vintage style doors are often made of solid timber and distinguished by elegant details. Classic designs and embellishments, as well as carefully finished handles and hinges, add to the door's unique charm. It is also common to find doors with panels or facets that add a classic touch.

Check out our catalogue of timber doors - among them, several proposals to match the vintage style:


Aikon Distribution: Exceptional Windows for the Vintage Style

At Aikon Distribution, we understand the needs of customers looking for the perfect solution for their vintage style projects. That's why we offer a wide selection of windows and doors that perfectly match this beauty. Our products are characterised not only by high quality workmanship, but also by a classic design that perfectly reflects the charm of vintage.

Take advantage of our professional advice to select the perfect windows for your project, and enjoy the unique character of your vintage-style home.


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