Boho style

Boho Style in Architecture: Colour, Decoration and Uniqueness

Inspired by freedom and creativity, the boho style not only finds its way into fashion or art, but is also a source of inspiration for architecture. Distinguished by eclecticism and freedom of expression, boho in architecture takes a form that exudes warmth and unconventionality. In this article, we will focus on the uniqueness of the boho style, its colour scheme, decoration, as well as its unique approach to windows and doors.

Boho Colours: A Distinctive Colour Palette and Harmony of Chaos

One of the key elements of boho style is a fearless and immortal colour palette. The style draws inspiration from nature, as manifested in rich earth tones, intense reds, deep purples and muted shades of blue. In boho architecture, colour becomes a means of expression that catches the eye and adds character to interiors and facades. The fearless mix of colours makes the rooms energetic and warm, which perfectly reflects the spirit of the boho style.

Boho decoration: Handmade Treasures and Vintage Vibes

In boho style, decorations play a key role in creating the unique character of a space. Handmade fabrics, macramé, oriental rugs and vintage furniture are all integral to this style. Boho architecture emphasises individuality, so decorative elements often have a personal story. Interiors in the boho style exude warmth and every detail, from exotic cushions to rustic lamps, creates an atmosphere of free creativity.

Windows and Doors: Transparency and Unconventionality

In the boho style, windows and doors are an important part of the overall architectural composition. Boho favours natural light, making windows a key design element. Glazed walls, large windows and timber frames are characteristic features of boho architecture. Unconventionality also manifests itself in the various forms and shapes of windows, which create a unique architectural expression. Doors, on the other hand, can be decorated with hand-painted patterns, ornate handles or surprising colours, creating an original and personal façade character.

Freedom and individuality of the boho style

Boho style in architecture stands for freedom, creativity and individuality. Colours, decorations, windows and doors all work together to create unique spaces that reflect a spirit of freedom and unconventionality. There are no rules in boho architecture - there is only space for self-expression and inspiration from a variety of sources, making each home a unique work of art.

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In order to fully exploit the potential of boho style in architecture, it is crucial to tailor all elements to individual preferences. In this context, choosing the right windows becomes extremely important. Aikon Distribution understands the needs of boho style lovers perfectly, offering a wide selection of windows that perfectly match this beauty.

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By working with Aikon Distribution, you can choose windows to suit any interior, creating harmony between architecture and boho style. The richness of the range includes a variety of forms, shapes and colours, allowing you to create unique spaces. Glazed walls, panoramic windows or unusual shapes are all available to meet the unique needs of any boho style enthusiast.

Aikon Distribution not only supplies high-quality products, but also offers professional advice to help match windows to a specific project. This makes the process of arranging a boho-style interior even more intuitive and rewarding. Working with Aikon Distribution opens the door to the creation of unique spaces where architecture, colours, decorations and windows work in harmony to create an unforgettable and unique atmosphere.

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