External blinds control

Electric motor controlled

Electric motor controlled

Our offer includes a broad selection of motor drives, wired and radio controlled, available motor drives: Somfy, Elero.

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External blinds control

When choosing external venetian blinds as a solution for sun protection, it is worth remembering that their control system is responsible for their correct functioning. The control system you choose will directly affect how comfortable your external Venetian blinds will be to use.

How do external Venetian blinds work?

External Venetian blinds consist of aluminium slats that are resistant to external influences - such as winds, rain, snow or the sun. External blinds are a way to freely regulate the amount of light that enters the interior. With just a slight change in the angle of the slats, you can control how much sunlight you get into your rooms.

Having external venetian blinds affects the necessity and frequency of air conditioning in your home. In the summer, the functioning of the blinds becomes salutary - because they are an excellent insulator and during severe heat waves they allow the temperature to be naturally lowered by even a few degrees and the air to circulate freely.

Control methods for external venetian blinds

When you decide to install façade blinds, you will be faced with the choice of how to control them. Will it be manual or electric? Which control method should you opt for?

Of course, it depends. It depends on your budget. Clearly, the most convenient solution is the electric one. External venetian blinds are often a large size, where manual control is awkward and difficult. Although, of course, a manual solution is possible.

Electric drive for external venetian blinds

The electric control method can be divided into two types:

Cable control

This is a mechanism that moves thanks to an electric motor. With this option, the control of the height setting of the blinds is decided by a switch located on the wall. The switch is wired to the drive motor. This solution requires additional installation.

On the face of it, the wired solution is not much cheaper, but it is certainly more problematic. It requires cables to be run to the switch and interference with the building structure - for example, forging walls to run the cables. Thus, cables or minor construction work must be added to the cost of the blinds.

Radio control system

This is a radio control system, in which the setting of the blinds is adjusted by means of a remote control. This is a high degree of comfort in use and offers possibilities for further expansion of the system and control.

Radio control makes it possible, among other things, to:

- the creation of a control centre to control multiple devices from one location throughout the house.
- control with a timer, which will regulate the setting of the blinds depending on the scheduled time,
- equipping the blinds with a sun sensor, which will regulate the setting depending on the strength of the sun.

Weather automation sensors

External blinds can work with a weather automation system. A wide range of wind, solar and sun-wind sensors (by Somfy and Elero) allows the blinds to be automated. The system regulates the inflow of sunlight into the interior and also prevents damage to the blinds (when the wind is too strong).

Note: The sensors should be mounted in such places that they can freely measure wind speed and/or light intensity.

Somfy intelligent management system

The most demanding customers will find the control solution in a smart home management system. At Aikon Distribution, we offer solutions from Somfy, a globally recognised and respected company. Thanks to a special application, the control of facade blinds can be managed anywhere in the world.

Prices of external venetian blinds

The price of facade blinds is influenced by many factors. These include, but are not limited to, the size of the blind (length and width), colour, accessories and control system. The cheapest option will be façade blinds in a basic colour, i.e. one that is available in a selection of RAL colours, without any extras and with a manual control system.

Do you want to buy external Venetian blinds and choose the best control system for them? Please contact our specialist.


Electric motor controlled