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Architectural Style Guide - Which windows for a Scandinavian interior?

blog | 07.03.2023

A perfectly decorated interior is one where every element is carefully chosen. And it's not just about furniture, wall colours or decoration - it's also about windows that match your style. Today's window market is overflowing with so many types, shapes and colours of windows that matching them to the chosen design trend is not a problem. The possibilities are remarkably endless - muntin bars, large glass panes, striking handles. Today we will focus on Scandinavian style, one of the most popular interior design styles.

Scandinavian style - what makes it different?

The Scandinavian style (Scandi) originated in Northern Europe and has become very popular with architects and decorators who appreciate minimalism. The Scandinavian style's greatest asset is that it combines harmony with comfort. Associated with cold and winter (because Scandinavia has such an atmosphere), this style was created to brighten up dark interiors. Scandi will brighten up your cold nights.

Scandinavian style - colours

The colours used in Scandinavian interiors are supposed to give us a sense of closeness to nature. While the exterior is dominated by cool colours, the interior is responsible for breaking the pattern by using warm beiges, muted yellows and greens. The middle ground is simply the colours we see in nature.

Colour accessories are used to add colour and make the room more comfortable. Bright colours are used to break up and complement the overall look.

Scandinavian style - the key aspects

Scandi is charming with a simple and rigid approach with colourful touches. The approach to a Scandinavian interior is clear. It should be simple, functional and light. Minimalism is a feature of homes decorated in this style, which has a strong connection with nature. The interior should be spacious and useful. The space should be tidy - for relaxing as well as for working.

Scandinavian style dining room
Scandinavian style dining room with large glass window

Scandinavian style windows

What kind of windows go well with a Scandinavian interior? The Scandinavians love natural light. So the best choice is large glass windows that will have plenty of sunlight. The Scandinavian style is best complemented by white window frames, which go perfectly with light-coloured walls. They also look good with coloured accents.

Read more about large panes of glass in our blog article:

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A Scandi window is not all white - wooden or veneered windows fit this style perfectly. Unless, of course, you want the window to be the focal point of the room - in which case you might want to consider graphite, anthracite or even black or red.

Minimalism that is not plain

Simplicity and minimalism are by no means boring. Decorating your windows is worthwhile. What kind of decoration? The windowsill! The Scandinavian style, with its association with nature, is a perfect match for natural decoration - a wooden frame or a decorative stone on the window sill. The only limit is your imagination - the main thing is that this decoration should not be a distraction from the overall harmony and functionality of the room.

How do you choose the right windowsill for your window? We have the answer in our article:

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Scandinavian style stands for order, simplicity, functionality and a cosy atmosphere. It is ideal for large windows with delicate decorations. By choosing Scandinavian style, you can be sure that the decoration will be versatile and elegant. It will be nice to come back and unwind.

Choosing windows for your home? With the help of our advisor, choose the ones that are the best match for your expectations.


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