Triangular windows

Visionary architectural designs often require non-standard window solutions. Few people realise that the shape of windows depends mainly on the imagination of architects and builders, and that these are keen to opt for striking rather than purely practical solutions. Triangular windows and glazing seem to fit perfectly into this trend.

Triangular windows - where are they installed most frequently?

Triangular windows go well with gable roofs. They are most often used in residential buildings with a pitched roof slope structure, which is why they can often be seen on gable walls or as attic lighting. It is usually the intention of the designer or builder that the angle of the arms of a triangular window should correspond to the angle of the roof plane. Triangular windows can also be chosen where standard rectangular windows simply will not fit. Depending on the needs and technical possibilities, triangular windows can be fixed (so-called fixes) - i.e. non-opening, tilt or turn.

Triangular windows - limitations

Standard solutions are sometimes not enough. Nothing stands in the way of ordering and installing triangular windows instead of classic rectangular windows. However, it is worth being aware of several limitations and impediments related to the use of non-standard windows, including triangular windows. These include technological limitations. The greater the value of acute angles, the easier it will be to manufacture them and use them in the long term without fail. Angles below 45 degrees can prove to be very troublesome. Why? Excessive limitation of the angles can lead to a situation where the corner weld is weakened or even impossible to weld at all, due to the length of the connection point of the frame or sash profiles.

Triangular windows and energy efficiency

A triangular window is no different in terms of energy efficiency from a typical rectangular or square window. In this respect, the type of glazing, profile and material used play a crucial role. Of course, the quality of additional solutions, e.g. gaskets, is also important, as is the correct and careful installation.

Triangular window price

As with many other non-standard products, you will pay slightly more for a triangular window than for a rectangular window of similar dimensions. You should also expect a longer lead time for such an order. However, if we are determined to install a triangular window in our home, it is still worth considering the material it will be made of. Triangular windows can be made of either uPVC, timber or aluminium.

Triangular windows UK

At Aikon Distribution, we offer modern, unusual shaped uPVC, timber and alu windows. We can make virtually any size and colour of triangular windows. Our solutions accentuate a building's unique architecture while meeting the high standards that modern windows should meet. We focus on the comfort of use: comfortable opening, easy adjustment, and resistance to weather conditions.

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