Polish windows, german quality

Production in Poland + German quality = best windows at good prices!

news | 11.05.2022

For several years Polish windows and doors have been known in Europe for their very good quality and reasonable price. Not surprisingly, Poland is currently the largest European manufacturer of windows and doors and one of the largest exporters of joinery on the Old Continent.

German window quality

Aluplast, Veka and Schuco are German window and door systems that are available at Aikon Distribution. These are strong and recognisable brands with an established position on the market. They guarantee high quality profiles, interesting and original design and a wide range of colours. At the same time keeping a good price.

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Window production in Poland

We cooperate with the best window and door manufacturers in Poland. Thanks to this we provide our customers products that meet the highest European and world standards. In addition, despite the increase of the prices of raw materials such as steel and wood, as well as other building materials, we try to keep our goods at attractive prices. This is due to, among other things, the optimisation of production through the use of modern technology, as well as the use of locally manufactured components. Competitive prices for our products are also influenced by storage and transport. All customer orders are completed in our warehouse. Then we pack them and send them out in a single transport. In this way, the customer receives his entire order in one delivery to the address he specifies.

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Do you need windows and doors for your project but don't know which brand to choose? Contact our expert - he'll definitely advise you.


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