Aluplast Windows

Aluplast is a valued manufacturer of PVC window systems. The advantages of Aluplast products are appreciated by individual buyers, designers and professionals. Each of the proposed Aluplast...

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Aluplast Doors

More than once it is said that the door is the hallmark of the house. It is hard to disagree with this, because it is the door from the very entrance that emphasises the character of the house....

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Aluplast sliding doors

Aluplast sliding doors provide a wide range of solutions and improvements in everyday use. Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand here and it is a combination that generates great...

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Aluplast Colours

A wide selection of foils in our portfolio enables finishing of windows according to an individual need. High-quality smooth, wood-like and structural foils are available.

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Aluplast Accessories

We have a wide range of door handles and other Aluplast spare parts that are characterized by high quality and elegant appearance. We have door handles with a key or a button. Are...

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Aluplast is one of the largest suppliers of PVC window systems. Founded in Germany in 1982, today the company is active all over the world. A rich offer and innovative approach to customer requirements are among the main reasons why Aluplast has achieved a leading position.

Aluplast ensures that new solutions are constantly being introduced to the market. This ensures that Aluplast's competitiveness increases over other system suppliers. Aluplast is appreciated by consumers for having a wide range of products, as well as for having the best quality/price ratio.

Aluplast proclaims that the foundation of the company's philosophy is innovation. Practically every year new solutions are introduced to the market. This is due to a constant focus on the customer and their needs, which is most often the stimulus for product improvement.

Aluplast's activity and product offer has for many years been recognised and trusted by many professionals and customers alike. This is evidenced by numerous industry distinctions and awards.

Aluplast catalogue

The Aluplast catalogue is a support both for professionals from the construction and installation industry, designers and architects, but also for individual customers who are looking for PVC windows and doors for their homes. It contains descriptions of all available window, door and sliding door profiles, as well as profile accessories.

Download the catalogue

On our website you can also download technical documentation, drawings and colours of Aluplast profiles.

In addition, Aluplast is the publisher of an industry magazine, dedicated to the subject of window and door joinery. The magazine is free of charge and its overarching aim is to inspire, educate and explain woodwork issues.

Aluplast PVC products

The Aluplast PVC profile system enables windows to be made in unusual shapes. These extremely malleable and versatile PVC profiles are ready for virtually any solution. This allows the windows to be tailored exactly to the project and the customer's needs. What profiles does Aluplast offer?

One of the products in the offer of Aluplast is IDEAL PVC profiles which are a series of products in which every customer will find a solution. Multi-chamber profiles and perfect seals are a guarantee of thermal and acoustic insulation. Strong construction and attractive design are the way to timeless elegance. The quality and materials used are perfect and well thought-out.

Aluplast is a multifunctional system of the highest standards. The possibilities of the construction solutions of these systems have been recognised by experts, which has been awarded and recognised many times.

Are you looking for the perfect solution for your home? Would you like to know more about Aluplast PVC products? Contact our expert: