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What will be fashionable in joinery in 2024?

blog | 18.01.2024

As always, we follow the industry market with great curiosity, so we already know exactly what will be fashionable in window and door joinery in 2024! Will the current year bring us further innovations in window, door and home appliance management technology? Will current design trends stay with us for longer, or will we follow a completely new trend? How will the current year transform our homes?

Don't be left behind! Check out what's going to be trending in joinery! Be sure to read our summary of key trends for 2024.

What's trendy in window joinery?

A home is not only a place for rest and relaxation, but also increasingly a place where we work.  We often enlarge spaces in it, open up walls, insert panoramic windows and interior glazing. All this is done to make it more functional, to make us feel comfortable and cosy, and at the same time to keep up with current trends and tastes.

Large glazings still in fashion

In 2024, we will continue to rely on illuminating interiors through the use of large glass surfaces. We will be more concerned with letting natural light into the home and reducing artificial light, thereby providing panoramic views and reducing electricity consumption. Slender structures will be chosen, but at the same time characterised by high rigidity, e.g. aluminium windows from Aliplast Imperial, which in addition to their modern design are characterised by excellent thermal insulation properties. Among PVC windows, minimalist models from Aluplast, Salamander and Schüco will be of interest.

drzwi tarasoweTrendy, large-sized patio doors in black

Hybrid windows, a combination of PVC and aluminium

Consumers expect even more customised products than in previous years. Thanks to the development of new technologies, window and door manufacturers are able to create more flexible and customer-specific products. One example is innovative hybrid windows, which allow different materials and shapes to be combined. The harmonious combination of PVC-U and aluminium in Schüco windows is proving to be a hit. This combination results in a stable profile, which can achieve large dimensions and thus have smaller profile face widths.

What colours are fashionable in window joinery?

Irrespective of the choice of window material, the colour of the windows and doors will also be an important consideration. It is worth checking what colours will be fashionable in joinery in 2024. Timeless anthracite, matte black and elegant white will continue to be in demand. In the case of PVC windows, there is an interesting concrete-style veneer option that will perfectly complement modern, minimalist interiors.

We are curious about the new colours for 2024, which have already broken into interior design. Will they also be fashionable in joinery? These are the soft colours of nature - browns, pastel shades of yellow, dusty pink and soft green tones. Customers will certainly follow this trend when choosing the colour of their new entrance door. Gentle browns, on the other hand, may come back into favour again when choosing the colour of PVC windows.

We will be closely following the proposal for the new colour of the year 2024 chosen by Pantone - Peach Fuzz. This colour is meant to evoke calmness and serenity in us, the things we care about most in our homes. Will consumers opt for windows or doors in this colour?

Front door in the colour of the year 2024 - Peach Fuzz

Read more about the colour of the year 2024 here:

Colour of the Year 2024 by Pantone - Windows in shade 13-1023 Peach Fuzz

What else is trending in joinery?

In 2024, modern design will continue to go hand in hand with functionality. We will appreciate products that meet high standards in terms of practical functions such as energy efficiency, the use of intelligent technology, safety, as well as in terms of ecology.

Energy efficiency

Highly thermally insulated joinery is becoming increasingly popular. As customers become more and more environmentally conscious, they are paying more and more attention to the energy efficiency of new windows and doors. Manufacturers are responding brilliantly to this demand and are continually improving their production technology. Modern insulating glass units with low-E coatings are becoming standard today, and windows and doors with even lower Uw and multi-chamber profiles with very high energy efficiency are appearing on the market every now and then.

Smart technology

The development of smart home technology also has an impact on joinery. Modern windows, doors, roller shutters and facade blinds, garage doors or fence gates can today be equipped with intelligent io control systems on request. Devices such as the TaHoma switch from Somfy are becoming a kind of control centre for our home. The TaHoma app installed on your smartphone allows you to control your home appliances and check what is happening in your home in your absence. What's more, by integrating the TaHoma app with Google Assistant, you can control your home appliances by voice.

Want to know more? Check:

Somfy roller shutters

Developers of home automation and smart home solutions promise that 2024 will continue to improve the technology of integrating individual home appliances using artificial intelligence.


Security is a constant issue and is now becoming even more of a priority. Manufacturers are therefore expected to further develop advanced anti-burglary systems. Customers are increasingly opting for windows and doors with motion sensors that trigger an alarm when someone approaches, or windows and doors with additional burglar protection. The latter have reinforced hinges, multi-point locks, laminated glass and additional features to make burglary more difficult. In the case of front doors, there is also growing interest in fingerprint readers or code keypads.

Ecological materials

The issue of environmental awareness is manifested not only in the choice of energy-efficient windows and doors, but also in the choice of products made from materials that are less harmful to the environment. Materials such as sustainably sourced timber or PVC with low environmental impact or made from recycled materials are becoming more common.

If you want to know more about what to consider when choosing windows with a low carbon footprint read on:

Just Be ECO. Windows production raw materials and carbon footprint

You may also be interested in:

Be ECO. The sustainable building trend in the window industry

In conclusion, 2024 will certainly bring us a number of innovations in the field of windows and doors. The trend towards a sustainable approach, where minimalism and timeless design go hand in hand with functionality and modern technologies, is a direction that will grow stronger year on year. What we are delighted about is that the new trend towards an ecological approach to the production and selection of windows and doors by consumers is also becoming established.

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