Be ECO. The sustainable building trend in the window industry

blog | 14.04.2023

We all have a responsibility to improve the quality of life on Earth, to look for ways to combat climate change. All for the sake of our health and living comfort. The idea of being ECO is reaching all corners where humans are involved. The sustainable building trend is one of the corners with which we, as Aikon Distribution, are most connected. How does sustainable construction manifest itself in the world of the window industry? We encourage you to read more about it.

Sustainable construction. What is it?

Sustainable construction is quite a range of activities. Each is designed to reduce the negative environmental impact of buildings throughout their life cycle. Beginning with the design, throughout the construction cycle and ending with the daily operation. The concept addresses social, environmental and economic aspects. At the heart of the sustainability trend is the idea that current aspirations for human development should be passed on from generation to generation. Hence, it intertwines many disciplines and sciences - for the development of future generations and the care of natural resources.

Innovative and energy-saving solutions are a great tool in the fight against climate change, which has such an impact on our health. Investing in the thermal upgrading of your home - and especially warm windows and doors - is a great way to get involved in sustainable development.

Why invest in sustainable construction?

Around 40% of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere are the fault of buildings. This means that they are a powerful link in the production of harmful greenhouse gases. Sustainability experts are unanimous in saying that decarbonising construction (i.e. reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere) is one of the ways that pays the most to reduce the effects of climate destruction. This action, however, involves the entire building process. The architect is tasked with designing a house with a zero carbon footprint. The next step is to source ecological materials, ideally from recycled sources. The next step is to take care of the sustainable construction process and then the operation of the building. Reducing energy requirements is of paramount importance here.

Ecological windows and doors

It is mainly through leaky windows and doors that heat escapes from our homes. Therefore, when choosing such products for your home, you should focus on what they are made of, what technical parameters they have. Invest in goods made of ecological materials. Natural wood is perfect for this, as well as aluminium, which can be recycled very well. Contrary to popular belief, PVC profiles can be recycled many times without losing the quality and properties of the material - so they are also an excellent choice.

In addition to the material, the technical parameters are extremely important. The main determinant is the heat transfer coefficient (U [W/m2K]). The lower it is, the better. At present, an energy-efficient joinery is considered to be one with a U-value of less than 1W/m2K, preferably when it is around 0.8 W/m2K.

Of course, apart from the purchase of energy-efficient joinery elements, the key is their correct installation. It should be done in a warm manner, the so-called layered installation. 

Passive house
Passive house - designed according to the idea of sustainable construction

In the modern and energy-efficient way of building, the installation of external shades is indicated - in particular on the south side, which receives the most sunlight. Shielding is essential in protecting the building from excessive heat in summer. Air conditioning is too energy-consuming. Investing in solar energy is also an ecological and convenient solution - it allows the external shades to be controlled remotely, for example from an app on your phone. This type of automation can also be used for the garage door or front door. Indeed, many users are choosing to install smart home systems, which certainly make the operation of the house much more rational and environmentally friendly.

Which external window shades can you find at Aikon Distribution? Read our overview:

Discover blinds for glass facades and large glazed areas

Green building is about taking responsibility for the future of next generations. It is an expression of care for natural resources, which are depleting over time - and we want them to be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren.

So let's build responsibly - and let our specialists help you to select energy-efficient window frames. Get in touch with us!


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