A modern control system of an IO Intelligent House - Homecontrol
A modern control system of an IO Intelligent House - Homecontrol

Somfy roller shutters

A modern control system of an IO Intelligent House - Homecontrol

Integrated, wireless service of roller shutters, awnings, blinds, gateways, garage doors but also front doors, roof windows, heating and lighting. A built-in radio receiver and IO running feedback, a possibility of remote control and programming with a use of computer or mobile phone. House management is held with the use of a computer, tablet or Smartphone with an installed TaHoma system.

IMG.1 TaHoma system Oximo motors Sun sensor

By means of the Tahoma software you can control all io-homecontrol devices and, to a limited extent, devices in the RTS technology. The control of devices is held through the Internet by means of a computer, tablet or Smartphone.

An electric motor with an integrated radio receiver which contains the options of obstacle detection and frost protection. Motor contains four types of end position regulations - an automatic one, two semiautomatic ones and a hand one.

It controls the roller shutters depending on the current light intensity. Easy fitting without wires on the façade of the building. The devices work together with Sensor Box io.

IMG.2 40 channel remote control Touch sensitive RTS wall switch Wireless programmable wall control

A control of the roller shutters in a full automated io radio technology. Up to 40 propulsions in max. 40 groups. It is equipped with a running feedback of an executed command, simple programming of comfortable positions and verbal descriptions of the zones on an LCD display.

It enables individual, group or central control. It serves from one to several motors. Touch-sensitive buttons ensure the comfort of usage.

A wireless, wall-mounted controller with a time programmer enabling a simultaneous hand or automatic control of one or several io-homecontrol devices.

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